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Album Review // IMITATING AEROPLANES ‘Planet Language

Supergroup Imitating Aeroplanes release debut album, Planet Language. With previous experience from highly successful bands, you can’t deny that the bar for Imitating Aeroplanes‘ debut, Planet Language is set high. Yet, Marius Drogsås Hagen and Tord Øverland Knudsen have some delicious tricks and intelligent turns

OCEANS Unveil New Single ‘Dopamine’

Brighton based post-hardcore band Oceans unveil brand new single Dopamine. Described as a ‘conceptual tune’, one could only ask what concept that may be as the staccato confusion throughout the melody leaves little room to read anything at all. Looking past the cheesy one-liners in the

BLAENAVON Unveil Visuals for ‘Prague ’99’

The Hampshire trio finally unveils visuals for one of their most eminent hits, Prague ’99 following the release of their EP of the same name. Blaenavon have grown to become a familiar name in British indie, yet there’s undoubtedly a sense of dorkish outlandishness connected to the

In Conversation with IFFY ORBIT

“My biggest hope for the future is to make an impact with our music.” We sat down with self-proclaimed ‘ambitious’ indie-rock band, Iffy Orbit to talk about their debut, Slow Times, not being Tame Impala, and something about a dead pig. Cramming together in a