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Interview // THE AMAZONS

THE AMAZONS on working in the studio, their latest music video and kissing David Beckham. I caught up with The Amazons just before their smashing set at Flying Vinyl Fest a while back. Obviously, I’d done some research, I’d heard a thing or two, I’d made some assumptions. Not quite what I expected. In a


FLYING VINYL bring music festival to SHAPES Hackney in London. So the festival season has begun, the spring is full on and the summer is approaching.. Yeah, not just yet and not necessarily in London but at least the music doesn’t suck. On Saturday (April 8th) the clubbing venue

THE AMAZONS Gig Review // Flying Vinyl Festival

THE AMAZONS play a smashing set at Flying Vinyl Festival at SHAPES Hackney in London. Before we move on to the topic I’ve got a confession to make. In the last couple of weeks I’ve considered closing this website down. A few times, actually. The reason for

Fake Friday

Mentioning Zane Lowe yesterday only reminded me of another great person who left Radio 1 earlier this year. And it’s only Tuesday and I’ve been feeling under the weather for the last couple of days and the London weather is nothing like summer today (not

The new song to ruin

I’ve found myself another song to ruin. Oops, I did it again. Yep. Remember that feeling when you hear a song and from the very first note you know you’re hooked? On the loop. Constantly. Repeatedly. For a very long time. The rest does not

Gengahr & Friends present ‘A Collection Of Artworks’

Sometimes I envy people with many talents. Particularly, when they possess those I desire the most. And that’s either being a musical genius or a painter. However, I genuinely believe I might have some hidden ones. But for now, I encounter a few problems when drawing a proper circle, not to mention

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House of Vans with Sunset Sons and Gengahr

Interesting fact. What you probably should know about me is that I am very fortunate when it comes to winning concert tickets. I’ve never won anything else in my entire life. Ever. Very convenient isn’t it? Well, I’m not complaining. Definitely not. My mum always