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Inhaler 2020

INHALER Release New Single ‘When It Breaks’

Dublin’s indie phenomenon Inhaler reflect on the post-lockdown normality in their feverish new single When It Breaks. The Dublin quartet Inhaler have unleashed their roaring firepower of a single, When It Breaks, ahead of their highly anticipated debut album due to be released early next

Nisa 2020

NISA Shares New Single ‘Common Denominator’

Nisa teases her forthcoming debut EP with early 2000s grunge-pop fused single Common Denominator. Nisa is the solo project of the multi-talented singer and songwriter Denisa Lumaj who produces distinguishing and anthemic indie gems. The New York-based artist admits to drawing inspiration from her culturally

Van Scott 2020

VÂN SCOTT Shares New Track ‘Starry Eyed’

Vân Scott sheds a gleaming light on a doleful and rather contending narrative in his latest single Starry Eyed. Undoubtedly one of the USA’s hidden gems, the alternative pop bop maker Scott Oatley aka Vân Scott has an enriched background any upcoming artist would dream