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DAYTIME TV Release New Single ‘Zombie’

UK rockers, DAYTIME TV, have once again evolved – showcasing their dark side on new single Zombie. Said to vocalize their stand against social media’s iron grip on society, Zombie is about far more than the Hollywood monster we’ve grown to love. “It’s our comment

Paradise Plaza

PARADISE PLAZA Share Debut Single ‘Hopeless’

France-based metalcore troupe, Paradise Plaza, have unleashed their debut single Hopeless and it’s just as diverse as their lineup. Punchy and full of emotion, Hopeless melts together proggy guitar work and empowered vocals with gnarly breakdowns and rasp-stricken screams. This all, coupled with the layers


OCEANIS Release New Single ‘…Of Flesh’

UK heavy-hitters Oceanis have unleashed their newest track …Of Flesh from the darkest depths of the sea, and it’s just as rancid as we all hoped. Entwined with earworm melodies, maniacal vocals and soaring choruses, the band bares its creative teeth with this one. From

Arran George 2021

ARRAN GEORGE Releases New Single ‘A Meeting’

UK singer-songwriter Arran George has released his newest moody single A Meeting. Shroud with broodiness, A Meeting is textured with cavernous guitar melodies, rasp stricken vocals and slightly agitated lyrics – making this bedroom ballad equally as comforting as it is unsettling. While musically it


CANTERVICE Release New Single ‘Void’

Hard rockers Cantervice have released their thought-provoking first single, Void. Reminiscent of acts such as Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin — the new to the scene band laces together the edgy industrial tendencies of 2000’s nu-metal with modern rock production and Orwellian electronica. Taking you

Andreww 2021

ANDREWW Shares New Single ‘Medusa’

From fashion to music, emerging artist Andreww has unleashed his latest genre-defying track Medusa. Teetering between indie and hip-hop with grunge gradation, Medusa blends together 808-beats, neon synths and sultry vocals to create a contrasting soundscape that is appealing to fans of a variety of

Hazey 2021

HAZEY Share New Single ‘Saying Goodbye’

Bristol duo Hazey unveil new empathetic single Saying Goodbye. With the underlying anguish you’d come to expect from traditional emo music, and the finesse of modern indie-pop production, Hazey’s new single Saying Goodbye could easily take the title of being “the latest covid anthem.” On