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Interview // SLUTFACE

Start of Hello 2016 with the band SLUTFACE. “I really love words. And I think about them all the time. The way they fit together, the way they change things. The right words can transform whatever, whoever they touch. Words are powerful. They show you

Interview // Introducing THE ACADEMIC

Finally adding some Irish blood to my playlist! I remember when I came across these four lads from Mullingar. I liked them right away. Very much. It seems fair to introduce them at the beginning of this year. I’ve got a feeling 2016 will be pretty good for

Interview // Your Invite to the HAUS Party

I’m back! Did you miss me? It’s fine, you can lie. I hope all of you had a nice Christmas break and awesome NYE! Back to business now. Music awaits. Let’s start this year with a band that will definitely own a big part of 2016. And here

Interview // Welcome to the PLEASURE HOUSE

Welcome to the Pleasure House where all stories are true. Alex Heffernan (Vocals/Guitar), Jon Moore (Bass), Abbas Shah (Lead Guitar) and James Burgess (Drums)   Apparently, Birmingham is a place to start a band. This town has given us the almighty Peace, the extraordinary Swim Deep and one of

Interview // Have you met VYNCE?

My regular Friday night. At the Barfly once again. Of course the Barfly. Where else? I suppose we should move our relationship to the next level. I think I’ll ask for keys. Seriously, a couple of times a week should be enough. What do you

Interview // VIOLA BEACH

“We’ve got our own unpredictability” the band VIOLA BEACH respond to all the hype around them. Remember when earlier this week I was talking about the band Blossoms and how they played sold out London show with only one released EP and no album out

Interview // BLOSSOMS – “We want to be everywhere”

“We want to be everywhere” BLOSSOMS say ahead of their sold out London show. I’ve considered many opening lines. I’ve started with a few different versions. I’ve probably crossed out half of them. And then it hit me. We’re not having a discussion here. I’m going for a clear

I catch up with the band Alexander on their UK tour

Just a typical Wednesday at Barfly in Camden. Quite ordinary day for a gig. Any would do, actually. With one exception. Rather extraordinary band that strikes with a strong and contagious confidence. Meet Alexander – four lads from Newcastle, 3/4 vegetarians (the guitarist loves food