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Listen to the beauty from ‘New Order’!

And how does it feel? It feels so good… What a beauty! Yes, it feels so good to hear these sounds. I fell in love with this song from the very first listening. If you can say so.. This song is so gorgeous, every part

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FIDLAR premieres the new track ‘West Coast’

The lads from LA came to town and my long forgotten punk soul is awakened again. Of course, I’m talking about FIDLAR! Zac and Elvis visited Annie Mac in the studio this week bringing the Hottest Record In The World with their track West Coast. The video

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Bring Me The Horizon and a Happy Song

This song is so me! It really is and I am aware the different sound which has been following the band since dropping the single Drown last year will slightly divide the fanbase. I have a feeling it has already begun. But no worries! It’ll be all just

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Whisky Story is always a good story

Whisky Story which means Example is back. Back in a better condition than before and I guess I really, really missed him. But I missed that version of his. Because this track is Example that I remember. The video shows English singer-rapper-songwriter walking from the

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Sundara Karma revealed the video for the track Flame

Sundara Karma. What a name for a band! It draws the attention, doesn’t it? Well, very good. Because I’ve been fortunate enough to see them play live and let me tell you – they deserve all the attention in the world! The quartet from Reading released

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One of the bands of my moment. The Vaccines returned with the third album English Graffiti which was released on May 25. And they returned big! The band that is rather known for rather short songs unveiled a video for a single 20/20 so make sure you