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The Neighbourhood are back with the second album

It’s incredible how the weather influences my current music taste. Forces of nature playing with even stronger form that is music. Yep, I went too far. But in case you’ve wondered, it’s been raining in London for the last four days. The forecast is not very

Will Bring Me The Horizon be your “true friends”?

And they did it again. After teasing fans (again!) Bring Me The Horizon released the new song True Friends following already well received Happy Song and mighty Throne which will appear on the fifth record That’s The Spirit. Initially, the track was to premier on

Låpsley releases gorgeous new single “Hurt Me”

Guys, I’ve come to the new conclusion. As it turns out, my playlist has too much testosterone at the moment. Like a lot. My heart has been struggling. This is why I feel like adding some female artists onto it. Any girls out there making good

Fake Friday

Mentioning Zane Lowe yesterday only reminded me of another great person who left Radio 1 earlier this year. And it’s only Tuesday and I’ve been feeling under the weather for the last couple of days and the London weather is nothing like summer today (not

The new song to ruin

I’ve found myself another song to ruin. Oops, I did it again. Yep. Remember that feeling when you hear a song and from the very first note you know you’re hooked? On the loop. Constantly. Repeatedly. For a very long time. The rest does not

Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf in a beautiful collaboration

I happen to have very mixed feelings when it comes to music collaborations. The reason perhaps is that I usually like only one out of two artists. God forbid when there’s more than that! Obviously, there’s plenty of great projects so I can’t generalise but yeah.. there’s also so many bad ones.

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ZIBRA in Paris – watch the new video!

The moment I thought my bands couldn’t get any weirder I came across this one.  And it all happened in a slightly different order. First, I saw them live and I went Hey! This band is actually really good! After that, all music followed. They were

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Slaves and their Sockets

You know that one band you really enjoy but you keep asking yourself ‘Why really?’ Well, they’re mine. The British duo, Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman, unveiled the new video for the track Sockets. And it’s no different from the song itself. It’s madness! With