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Sundara Karma reveal the new track “Vivienne”

The band that keeps coming back to me again and again insisting on not being forgotten. Well, very good. I can do that. No problem at all. Easy peasy. Sundara Karma has appeared on my playlist a long time ago and I’m not planning on deleting them any time

Bastille drop the new track “Hangin'”

Alright Dan, it’s not cool! You can’t act like that. You can’t just drop new songs like that! Should I’ve seen it coming? Have I missed anything important? Well, I hope not. That would be very bad of me. And for me. Yes, yes I

“So what’s the matter?” with The Libertines

Annie Mac had a very significant guest last night. Think beyond the regular understanding of the word significant. I wish people of that kind paid me a visit from time to time. Carl Barât himself popped into the studio with the Hottest Record In The World –

Counterfeit debut the new track “Come Get Some”

The Darling Buds are no more. But not to worry my darlings, the boys are not yet gone. No, not at all, not even close. Just slightly re-grouped. They go by the name Counterfeit now. The London trio – you might’ve already heard about the lead

Simple Plan and the star-studded Boom

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine about some long forgotten bands and we mentioned this particular one. It’s been a while. Although not like one-year-between-the-records while. But also not like The Libertines only eleven-years-break while. Well, half a decade is definitely