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NO VACATION Unveil New Tune ‘Mind Fields’

The San Francisco collective releases a deep rooted ode to post-breakup feels. The tingling guitar base and optimistic outlook is induced with a tint of nostalgia. Mind Fields is, as the title suggests, dazed in melancholia, an introvert reflection of a Mind Field. The dreamy

VALLIS ALPS Head ‘East’ in Their New Track

The duo announces London headline show. With the sun reminding us of its presence over the last week, this fresh track from Vallis Alps is the perfect partnership to accompany the spring. This Australian/American duo, comprised of David Ansari and Parissa Tosif, have unveiled a new

ALL TIME LOW Are Back at It

Thank you for keeping us going. Thank you for keeping us alive – say ALL TIME LOW as they embark on extensive UK tour. Alright, let’s start with some quotes here. 14 is the number of years these guys have been in this band, 6 is

In Conversation with NATHAN BALL

Playing live is the greatest thing in the world – we hear from Nathan Ball as he reflects on his musical journey. Through words and chords, Nathan Ball has unfolded his own picturesque world, filled with marvels and mysteries. I sat down with the singer-songwriter

ÄNGIE Returns with Playful Single ‘Spun’

The Swedish pop singer delves into the modern with her most recent single Spun. Spun is a club tune that features Ängie‘s vocals constantly trying to push through a compact web of electronic noise, creating a more chaotic than compelling impression. The production is definitely interesting with