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FICKLE FRIENDS Gig Review // The 100 Club

FICKLE FRIENDS lighten up London. Bright up and coming talent seems to have become an ever-present trademark of Fickle Friends’ live show and all that surrounds it. I’m sure the leading row of eager-faced teens would agree that the headlining band wasn’t the only act

COUNTERFEIT Gig Review // Electric Ballroom

COUNTERFEIT make a stop at Electric Ballroom in Camden, London while on their headline tour. Counterfeit are meant to be on at 9:30pm. Monarks and Bellevue Days do a great job with warming up the crowd but it is really hard not to notice restless

VANT Gig Review // The Dome Tufnell Park

VANT bring their mighty set to The Dome Tufnell Park in London. One of those bands that truly makes a difference. One of those that truly makes you feel good about living on planet Earth. VANT embarked on UK music scene in the late 2014 and since

Interview // HEATH

I catch HEATH to talk about life on tour, their forthcoming EP and their love for Rae Morris on the London night of their tour with Mike Dignam. After a marvellous gig and some hasty packing of equipment I finally get all the HEATH boys together.

Interview // ALXNDR

From the darkness of the van to the cosiness of the dressing room at The Garage in London I chat to ALXNDR about recent changes, working in the studio and dating preferences. Here we meet again. It hasn’t been long since I spoke to Newcastle trio and yet they’ve

Interview // THE AMAZONS

THE AMAZONS on working in the studio, their latest music video and kissing David Beckham. I caught up with The Amazons just before their smashing set at Flying Vinyl Fest a while back. Obviously, I’d done some research, I’d heard a thing or two, I’d made some assumptions. Not quite what I expected. In a


FLYING VINYL bring music festival to SHAPES Hackney in London. So the festival season has begun, the spring is full on and the summer is approaching.. Yeah, not just yet and not necessarily in London but at least the music doesn’t suck. On Saturday (April 8th) the clubbing venue

THE AMAZONS Gig Review // Flying Vinyl Festival

THE AMAZONS play a smashing set at Flying Vinyl Festival at SHAPES Hackney in London. Before we move on to the topic I’ve got a confession to make. In the last couple of weeks I’ve considered closing this website down. A few times, actually. The reason for