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Dwen 2019

DWEN Unveil New Single ‘Tr Pp N’

With their off-kilter brand of pop, Dwen continue to shape their own sonic territory with Tr Pp N. East London trio Dwen know exactly how to make a track that sticks; as collective producers themselves, they already have the knowledge under their belt and they’ve employed

Leyma 2019

LEYMA Releases New Single ‘ExtraExtra’

The newest single from Leyma is a stunning cut, with R&B beats speckled against a lyrical backdrop.  East London’s Leyma (born Max Hanley) questions our attachment to our phones and other forms of modern technology in his newest single ExtraExtra. Combining sharp lyrics with his unique sound, it’s a

Max Rad 2019

MAX RAD Shares Stunning New Single ‘Flesh & Blood’

Rising London-based producer and songwriter MAX RAD returns with yet another stunner, Flesh & Blood. Following his previous singles, Carousel and Rumours, the new offering shows a more sentimental side to MAX RAD‘s expansive sound. Reminiscing about the past and confronting the overpowering weight of grief, Flesh & Blood is

Far Caspian 2019

FAR CASPIAN Unveil New Single ‘Conversations’

Leeds trio returns with a tasteful slice of FM radio dream-pop, Conversations. Following their last year’s debut EP, Between Days, Far Caspian have released a shimmering dream-pop marvel, Conversations. Incorporating 80s-inspired elements to their progressive sound, Far Caspian explore a brighter side that life has to

Dan D'Lion 2019

DAN D’LION Shares New Single ‘BETTERMAN’

And it’s alt-pop at its finest. Following his previous singles Give What You Take and Treading Water, BETTERMAN is a third offering to surface from Dan D’Lion‘s highly anticipated debut EP, due out later this Spring. Sparking with a great dose of pop sensibility and authenticity, Dan Bartlett’s exquisite production

Younger Hunger 2019

Band Of The Week // YOUNGER HUNGER

Drinking margaritas and playing old video games  are just a few interests that Younger Hunger cultivate in between their writing sessions. Having an existential crisis in your early twenties may not be an easy thing to experience, but luckily, we’ve got Younger Hunger who have