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New Luna 2018

NEW LUNA Unveil New Track ‘Red Music’

The latest New Luna single is a rousing blend of dream pop and cutting post-indie.  Manchester outfit New Luna bring out their latest track Red Music, a blend of their subtler, softer dream pop aspect and the more explosive post-indie sound that evidences itself during their live shows.

BLOXX Share New Single ‘Sea Blue’

Awash with glittering riffs, you won’t be able to resist the newest track from Bloxx.  Uxbridge four-piece Bloxx have treated us to yet another indie banger, this time in the form of Sea Blue. Fresh from their biggest headline tour, which spanned an impressive 22 dates and saw

Pizzagirl 2018

Artist Of The Week // PIZZAGIRL

Shimmering soundscapes and sentimental hooks, dive into the unique world of Pizzagirl. Blurring the lines between the past era and modernity, Pizzagirl aka Liam Brown serves us another slice of dreamy bedroom pop in the form of his sophomore EP, season 2. Fascinated by the bold

GURU 2018

GURU Share Debut Single ‘Consumer Helpline’

A new punk band to fall in love with? Yes please.  Hailing from Brighton, the raucous quartet Guru bring on their take of punk with their debut single Consumer Helpline. A tour-de-force of fuzzy guitars, raucous energy and riling vocals, you can’t help but feel the track fire up

Free Money 2018

Band Of The Week // FREE MONEY

Releasing their debut EP, The Free Money, there’s a lot of things to love about Free Money’s sound and we thought we would ask them a few questions as they begin this new era. Glittering and exuberant are two adjectives that come to mind when

Kira 2018

KIRA Unveil New Single ‘That Would Be A Lie’

The latest single from Kira is a dazzling indie pop gem, and to say otherwise would be a lie. London-based duo Kira return with their second single That Would Be A Lie. Whilst their debut release If It Makes You Feel Better charms with its questioning lyricism and