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j.pastel 2020

J. PASTEL Charm With New Single ‘Senegal’

Bringing the tropical vibes right to your doorstep, Senegal is everything you could want and more from a summer track. In the summer of 2019, a musical collaboration was born in Chicago between producers Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce, and their joint creative vision took

Seven Fly 2020

SEVEN FLY Release New Single ‘Dying Light’

Belated summer anthem, Seven Fly’s new track Dying Light will lift you up and fill you with hope. From muffled intro to reinvigorating pop punk beats to acoustic heartfelt grand finale, this song covers it all. A faithful representation of the genre’s spirit and sound,

The Islas 2020

Band Of The Week // THE ISLAS

Bringing a searing energy and irresistibly velvety vocals, Close is the upbeat single from The Islas that will course through your veins. Norwich indie quartet The Islas found their commonality and bond in the shared desire to craft music that was punchy yet impactful, writing