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Jordan Red 2020

JORDAN RED Release New Single ‘Way Down’

Alternative rock up-and-coming legends Jordan Red are back with their fourth powerful tune Way Down. Pushing pedal to the metal from the first decibels, Jordan Red urge you to bravely live with purpose in their new tune Way Down. Embracing the classical alternative rock sound

Fights 2020

FIGHTS Release New Single ‘Incel Inside’

Unapologetically honest and funnily straightforward,  Fights’ Incel Inside will tell you all about the life of a supposedly socially impotent… incel. Oslo based punk quartet Fights return with a new single Incel Inside off their self-titled debut EP. With an wildly intoxicating and restlessly funny

I know I know 2020

I KNOW I KNOW Shares New Single ‘Talk’

London-based I Know I Know explores feelings of disconnect on his hazy indie cut, Talk. I Know I Know is the brainchild of songwriter and producer Tommy Hill. Having collaborated and toured with artists including Rita Ora, Tricky, Royal Blood, Angel Haze, Hill now elevates

Billy Lockett 2020

BILLY LOCKETT Opens Up With ‘Wasting Time’

Offering an unfiltered look into his feelings, Wasting Time is the raw and achingly poignant new single from Billy Lockett. Northampton musician Billy Lockett is a rising artist to keep your eye on, as he sweeps across with his vocal prowess and penchant for penning

Gold Spectacles 2020

GOLD SPECTACLES Charm With New Single ‘Lothario’

Having spent a year in studio-hibernation, Lothario is the charismatic return of Gold Spectacles. Multi-instrumentalist duo Gold Spectacles have spent a good part of their past year writing, recording, producing, and creating in various capacities before retreating into a recharge. A year later, they emerge