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Daily Archives: May 22, 2019

Havelock 2019

Artist Of The Week // HAVELOCK

Channelling feelings of dissatisfaction into a sweet tune, Havelock manages to depict the not-so-glamorous reality of work with tongue-in-cheek lyricism that is sure to resonate with listeners. London-based Havelock is only one amongst the 50% of people who aren’t keen on their jobs, yet what marks him

G Flip - The Garage - GIG GOER - 2019

Live: G FLIP // The Garage, London

Last week Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist G Flip stormed through London’s The Garage with her energetic set. With over 35 million streams collectively, G Flip aka Georgia Flipo has become one of the most exciting Australia’s exports in the recent months. Releasing her debut single About You

Mallory Knox 2019

MALLORY KNOX Announce Self-Titled Album

The English rock band Mallory Knox have announced that their self-titled album will be released on August 16th. Mallory Knox have had a transformative year, announcing the departure of their lead vocalist Mikey Chapman at the start of 2018. Co-lead vocalist and bassist Sam Douglas