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Eighty Ninety 2020

EIGHTY NINETY Share New Single ‘Better As Friends’

Brother duo Eighty Ninety are stuck in an unrequited past love, wondering whether they would be Better As Friends. Comprising of brothers Abner and Harper James, the NYC-based indie duo Eighty Ninety have been refining their distinctive “808s and telecasters” sound for the past few

small dogs 2020

SMALL DOGS Unveils New Single ‘dar es salaam’

Whisking you back to a wistful memory, far away from the reality of lockdown and pandemics, dar es salaam is the blissful debut single from Londoner turned New York local small dogs. Between London and New York, small dogs is an artist who has gotten

Joya Mooi 2020

JOYA MOOI Shares New Single ‘More Than Ever’

Joya Mooi has completed her poignant EP, Blossom Carefully, and has unveiled its final single, More Than Ever. Like sweet honey, Joya Mooi’s soulful voice quickly wraps you in a warm embrace while the hip-hop instrumental ground track has your ears buzzing instantaneously making the

Caravana Sun 2020

CARAVÃNA SUN Release New Track ‘Afterlife’

Australian surf-rockers, Caravãna Sun, will have you contemplating the most profound questions of the universe with their newest single Afterlife. With a more tuned down sound, akin to AM-era Arctic Monkeys, the track may feel laid-back however, its cavernous lyrics are anything but. Sparking philosophical

Billy Vena 2020

BILLY VENA Shares New Single ‘Talking To Myself’

A sparkling new track from Billy Vena will give you that weekend feeling that we all need a big dose of. Following his previous singles Space Hippie and Disco Maniac, Talking To Myself is the third offering from Billy Vena this year, and what a

Buster Moe 2020

BUSTER MOE Unveils New Single ‘You And I’

You And I is the anthemic and charming new single from Buster Moe that gives the likes of Shawn Mendes and Tom Walker a run for their money.  The 28-year-old musician who calls Stockholm his home has racked up an amazing amount of streams and