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Void Of Vision 2020

VOID OF VISION Release Music Video for ‘Decay’

Melbourne’s Void Of Vision have emerged with new visuals for their blistering track Decay. Refusing to let social distancing and lack of budget stay in their way, Void Of Vision put together a captivating and befittingly crazy video for their intoxicating banger Decay, featuring their vocalist

Family Of Things 2020

FAMILY OF THINGS Release Summer Hit ‘YKB’

With their unique concoction of jazz, funk, and electro-pop Family Of Things are re-energizing your summer playlist with their latest single, YKB. The track, which will be included on the deluxe edition of last year’s full-length album Oscilloscope, is one of Family Of Things’ best tracks

Arran George 2020

ARRAN GEORGE Stuns With New Single ’18 Wheeler’

With a knack for poignant storytelling, Arran George is back with yet another tender slice of his lo-fi bedroom pop, 18 Wheeler. Cumbria’s born and bred Arran George will stir the deepest emotions within you with his brand new single, 18 Wheeler. The track is

Sonny Winnebago 2020

SONNY WINNEBAGO Charms With New Single ‘Little Sun’

A slice of sunshine and summertime joy in musical form, Little Sun will take you on a whimsy-fuelled trip to the better days to come. Welsh-Australian songwriter Sonny Winnebago returns with his third single Little Sun, a nostalgic, wanderlust driven track that will have you

This Is Falling 2020

THIS IS FALLING Unveil Crushing New Single ‘Whisper’

Whisper is exactly the opposite of what the title suggests; a charging, in-your-face track packed full of crunching riffs, it’s a high-powered anthem for those times when your thoughts are getting a bit loud. The demons in your head may be loud, but This Is

Jordana 2020

JORDANA Shares Catchy New Single ‘Big’

Big is a tease of what the songwriter has in-store for the rest of 2020. Kansas-based songwriter Jordana has been delivering the musical goods with her whimsical vocals and infectious melodies over this year, and she looks to further continue with her offerings for the

Chappaqua Wrestling 2020

CHAPPAQUA WRESTLING Share Bruising New Single ‘Football’

Stepping aside from their recent upbeat trajectory, Chappaqua Wrestling acknowledge the weariness that life can bring in latest track Football. Brighton’s Chappaqua Wrestling have been as affected as the rest of us by the events of this year; having had their touring and festival plans

Boniface 2020

BONIFACE Shares New Single ‘Happy Birthday’

Boniface regales us with celebrations in isolation through improvised visuals and catchy vocals in newest single Happy Birthday. Canada’s Micah Visser, who goes under the alias of Boniface, has been creating for three years but it’s only in the last 18 months that they have

Christy 2020

CHRISTY Shares Poignant New Ballad ‘Pictures’

Wearing his heart on his sleeve for all to see, the vulnerability and emotional tenderness of Pictures paints Christy as an emotional musician to watch. Glasweigian artist Christy takes the age-old love ballad and puts his own delicate and emotional spin on it with newest