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The Burkharts 2021

THE BURKHARTS Share Nostalgic New Single ‘Our Rockaway’

With a retro tinge to their sound, get ready to be immersed in the swooning melancholia of The Burkharts’ latest single Our Rockaway. Comprising of Trevor “the fearless leader,” Gavon “world heavyweight champion,” Austin “the easy rider,” and James “boy wonder”, The Burkharts are a

Painted On 2021

PAINTED ON Release New Single ‘REWIND’

REWIND is the electronic-indie offering from Painted On. Taken from cloud*chasers, the newly released EP, REWIND is one of the latest singles from NY duo Painted On. Covering topics such as climate change and the general motif of life, and the regrets we feel amongst

Dizzy Bats 2021

DIZZY BATS Share High-Energy Single ‘Alone’

Ramping up the energy, Dizzy Bats are here to cut through your solitude with Alone. New York pop-punkers Dizzy Bats were certainly not immune from the feelings of solitude and isolation that confronted many of us in the past year as lockdown measures were implemented


DANNY GEORGE Soothes in New Single ‘We’re Young’

Taking you along on a memory trip to the simpler days of childhood, get ready to feel a dreamy pang of nostalgia with Danny George. Producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Danny George continues to flex his all-round musical skills with his evocative new single We’re Young.

Harry Gardner

HARRY GARDNER Unveils New Track ‘Invisible Man’

Offering a touching glimpse into his thoughts and insecurities, Invisible Man is the captivating new single from Harry Gardner. Essex pianist and singer Harry Gardner far exceeds his 20 years of living in terms of his musical maturity, as reinforced in his poignant new single

KALI 2021

KALI Announces Debut EP ‘CIRCLES’

The announcement is accompanied by a hint of what’s to come through new single Lucy. 16-year-old Kali Flanagan, going by KALI, announces news of her debut EP CIRCLES which is set to be released on May 7th. With her musical roots having been nurtured from

Essy 2021

ESSY Returns With High-Energy New Single ‘Cry For Me’

With an unstoppable energy, Cry For Me is the head-bopping new single from Essy. Nashville-based synth pop artist Essy continues to build her own sonic empire with her driving new single Cry For Me. Having started out as an EDM songwriter, which saw her collaborate

ANWEN ROSE Shares New Single ‘My Mother’s Daughter’

Rising sensation Anwen Rose has unleashed yet another heavy-hitter with her new single, My Mother’s Daughter. Starting off as a slow burner, with moody acoustic guitar and ethereal vocals drenched in dreamy reverb, the track is quick to erupt with melodic start-stop riffs and a

Issey Cross 2021

ISSEY CROSS Releases Fiery Debut Single ‘Who’

Who, the debut single from Issey Cross, radiates the bad b*tch vibes we all need in 2021. “Who the fuck is this bitch” is the bold opening line to Issey Cross’ debut single, Who. The single is a defiant, confident offering that shows us what