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I believe in stories.

So let me tell you one.

Once upon a time there was a girl who went to see her favourite band play live for a very first time. They meant a great deal to her so she decided to head to the venue a few hours before the show and stand in the queue. However, it was mid December with an impressive temperature -10°C and a bunch of kids who decided to do the same thing. Well, of course they did. After four hours of being smashed amongst the crowd, two hours of defrosting her feet and one hour of removing icicles from her hair (I’m not even kidding) she said: “No more. No more queuing”.

That particular show left a mark on her future life choices. To simply avoid all queuing she decided to write about her music experiences or just  marry a band member. As the latter is still on her things-to-do list and the first option seemed easier at the time she decided to give it a shot. Plus, her friends made her do it so they weren’t the only ones hearing about the bands she loved so much. I don’t think it was that bad though, but hey, it worked.

It’s been a few years now since that show took place. Perhaps, it’s the right time for a quick introduction.

Hi there, my name is Kasia and this is my story.

In late 2013 I moved to London, in spring 2015 I proceeded with my first take on music journalism and three months after I interviewed a band for the very first time. GIG GOER, which started as a personal experiment and a way to express my passion for music, has within a year transformed into a platform for many music lovers and avid gig goers.

I truly believe in stories the music writes as they are the most euphonious stories ever written. GIG GOER is just another one of them.

We have no doubt there’s still immense potential to be discovered in the world of cacophony we live in. Of course, some stories are more quiet than the others and some are extremely loud but they all deserve to be heard. Let us tell yours.

Since I don’t really care about the start and I surely don’t care about the ending, I intend to enjoy the middle of my story.

Hope you will do too.