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Album Review // DMA’S ‘For Now’

Sydney’s Britpop revivalists triumph on their sophomore effort, For Now. Here is it. DMA’S second album, For Now at long last. It feels like we have been waiting forever since their 2016 release Hills End. The band have proven their dominance in the live music scene in

Album Review // ISLAND ‘Feels Like Air’

Exploring themes of life, death, love and faith, ISLAND dazzle with the evocative harmony that is their debut full-length, Feels Like Air. When ISLAND released their debut single Stargazer in 2015, I honestly thought they would never top that. But here they are, three years and two

Album Review // CLUB KURU ‘Giving In’

Pure chillaxing psychedelic pop bliss. This is the only way I can describe the debut album by British psych-rock outfit, Club Kuru. Giving In is an album with a lot of depth to it, after repeated listening you will have a favourite track each time

Album Review // FRANZ FERDINAND ‘Always Ascending’

Franz Ferdinand return with fifth studio album, Always Ascending. Franz Ferdinand have returned and it’s been a while. But don’t worry it was them, not us.  With a few line-up changes the now five piece are bursting at the seams with a pristine perspective and distinctive

Album Review // MORRISSEY ‘Low In High School’

Oh how the mighty has fallen.  Once flourishing as his lyrical descriptions depicting a sense of alienation, Morrissey fails to recognise that coming of age includes the reality of acting grown up. What makes a young man seem interesting, exotic even, seems to only portray denial

EP Review // CHAPEL ‘Sunday Brunch’

Indie pop duo Chapel have released their Sunday Brunch EP and we can confirm that it is as delightful as the best meal of the week it’s named after. With this seven-song EP,  Carter Hardin & Kortney Grinwis aka Chapel have quite a few intriguing things

EP Review // ADAM FRENCH ‘Weightless’

Through his Weightless EP Adam French bares a new chapter of his intimate songwriting. Entering the evoking soundscape on title track Weightless, Adam French already discloses a searing melancholy. The simplistic lingering makes distance and room for his lyricism to play out in full motion.

Album Review // WEEZER ‘Pacific Daydream’

Embracing change and knowing their best side – Pacific Daydream is the 2017 incarnation of Weezer. Though it’s the biggest departure from the grunge-oriented soundscape Weezer are initially known for, Pacific Daydream carries out their classical elements in a brand new wrapping. Opening with Mexican

Album Review // TRAMPOLENE ‘Swansea To Hornsey’

Swansea To Hornsey is the first full album from Welsh trio Trampolene. After six well-received EPs, a ton of tours across the UK and Europe and numerous festival appearances, the band is now giving their fans exactly what they’d want – an album of dirty,