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Halsey - Manic - album artwork

Album Review // HALSEY ‘Manic’

After months of teasing, catchy singles, and award show performances, Halsey’s hotly anticipated third album, Manic, has entered the world. Following the release of hopeless fountain kingdom in 2017, Halsey has returned from the dystopian worlds she built up in her first two albums with her newest

GIG GOER Albums Of The Year 2019

Albums Of The Year 2019

Rounding off the decade in style, GIG GOER’s staff present to you the Albums Of The Year 2019. Every year our inboxes are flooded with an enormous amount of new music, and 2019 was no different. To pick your favourites out of the sea of

Cory Wells The Way We Are 2019

Album Review // CORY WELLS ‘The Way We Are’

Cory Wells shows true growth as a storyteller on his polished debut album, The Way We Are. In his soothing and therapeutic new album, The Way We Are, Cory Wells explores life and all the different emotions that go with it, from sadness, anger, despair, happiness,

WhoHurtYou Stages EP 2019

EP Review // WHOHURTYOU ‘Stages’

On their debut EP, WhoHurtYou effectively explore the different stages people go through after a breakup, packing a punch for those going through the same. Started as a way to deal with both their breakups, All Time Low’s Jack Barakat and popular songwriter Kevin Fisher

Jimmy Eat World Surviving 2019

Album Review // JIMMY EAT WORLD ‘Surviving’

With a fresh vision and whole new mindset, Jimmy Eat World let go of the past on their awe-inspiring rock-blasting 10th studio album, Surviving. With a knack for captivating storytelling, Jimmy Eat World once again transform their personal experiences into universal values and stories that

Dream State - Primrose Path 2019

Album Review // DREAM STATE ‘Primrose Path’

Embracing their traumatic emotions and experiences, Dream State bring out the light in the dark with their debut album Primrose Path. Dream State‘s debut album Primrose Path is utterly sensational. The album is a call out to those living through the devastating reality of drug

Waterparks Fandom 2019


Transcending the limits of genres, Waterparks return with a highly ambitious and cohesive new album, FANDOM, marking their best work to date. Following the alphabetical order of their catalogue, the “green era” of Waterparks brings us to FANDOM, a follow-up to their 2018 second album


EP Review // SIMPLE CREATURES ‘Everything Opposite’

Synthpop power duo Mark Hoppus and Alex Gaskarth have released their second EP in the span of seven months, cranking out six songs for jam-packed Everything Opposite. Mark Hoppus, of blink-182 fame, and Alex Gaskarth, vocalist of All Time Low, are undeniably two pop punk