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Album Review // CHLOE MORIONDO ‘Blood Bunny’

Three years after releasing her debut album Rabbit Hearted at just fifteen years old, chloe moriondo returns with her incredible sophomore album Blood Bunny, a project which authentically embodies her remarkable transition into adulthood and the music industry. At the mere age of thirteen, chloe

The Pale White Infinite Pleasure

Album Review // THE PALE WHITE ‘Infinite Pleasure’

Renowned for their signature melodic guitar riffs, explosive rhythm section and hypnotic live shows, The Pale White have managed to live up to their well-earned name with their resounding debut album Infinite Pleasure. A three-piece indie rock band from Newcastle, UK, The Pale White is



While She Sleeps take the metalcore world by storm in their rebellious, defying new album SLEEPS SOCIETY. If you’re into metalcore, thought-provoking lyricism and the likes of Bring Me The Horizon or Architects, then you’ve surely heard of While She Sleeps and their ‘agenda’ of

Erra album 2021

Album Review // ERRA ‘ERRA’

ERRA put their all in their metamorphic self-titled album, showcasing the band’s signature sound through a different lens. Reinventing themselves while keeping their trademark, immediately recognizable sound, ERRA’s self-titled album was designed to sound like an evolution of the same band… and mission accomplished. ERRA

Black Honey Written & Directed

Album Review // BLACK HONEY ‘Written & Directed’

An invitation to a hypnotic and cinematically vibrant universe, Black Honey’s sophomore album Written & Directed awaits your curious ears. Three years after their self-titled debut album, Brighton-based four-piece Black Honey have released their mesmerising new album Written & Directed. This latest project strives to

Drones Our Hell Is Right Here

Album Review // DRONES ‘Our Hell Is Right Here’

Punk aficionados Drones return with the intense and intoxicating second album, Our Hell Is Right Here, oozing with their untamed signature sound. Drones are back and I hope you’re ready for the sonic tornado they’ve unleash upon us all. While saying that all songs on

Pale Waves - Who Am I

Album Review // PALE WAVES ‘Who Am I?’

The voice of a generation, Pale Waves release their sophomore album Who Am I?, serving as a manifesto of love and positivity. Pale Waves, having shared a label, a city, and a stage with fellow indie-pop sensations The 1975, have often been referred to in