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Album Review // WALLOWS ‘Nothing Happens’

Wrapped up in sentimental hooks and introspective lyricism, the debut album from Wallows is a bumpy journey towards adulthood captured in 11 effortlessly penned indie anthems. With over 40 million career streams, major festivals slots, a sold-out headline tour and a TV debut amongst their

The Xcerts New EP 2019

EP Review // THE XCERTS ‘Wildheart Dreaming’

Following on from the release of their last brilliant album Hold On To Your Heart, The Xcerts have produced a new EP called Wildheart Dreaming. You Mean Everything opens Wildheart Dreaming, its simplicity creating a sense of serenity. The message of the song is clearly portrayed as Murray Macleod

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Album Review // BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH ‘Gratitude’

Dealing with recovery and rehabilitation, Benjamin Francis Leftwich has a lot to be thankful for and we get an insight into his journey throughout these twelve diverse and brave tracks. We are introduced to the title track straight off the bat. Gratitude feels like a

Holding Absence album 2019

Album Review // HOLDING ABSENCE ‘Holding Absence’

Where language falls short in adequately expressing the human experience, music can lend a helping hand and that’s why Holding Absence’s debut album is one you need to listen to – to not only better understand yourself, but also those around you by reflecting upon


Album Review // THE JAPANESE HOUSE ‘Good At Falling’

Love often leaves us at our most vulnerable, but from this vulnerability can arise the most gorgeous pieces of art inspired by our confusion.  From the mystery that once used to surround The Japanese House, aka Amber Bain, all of that has dissolved away to allow

POND Tasmania 2019

Album Review // POND ‘Tasmania’

Stacked with ten thriving tracks, the new album from the West Coast vagabonds Pond is bursting with an innovative outlook. Enlisting Kevin Parker in the mixing and producing seat, which is always a good idea, Tasmania is the group’s eighth studio album and by the

While She Sleeps So What


While She Sleeps redefine metalcore with their new album SO WHAT?. Innovative in sound and contemporary in message, established metalcore band While She Sleeps have stepped out of their comfort zone to a different kind of heavy on their fourth studio album SO WHAT?, and

ONE OK ROCK album 2019

Album Review // ONE OK ROCK ‘Eye Of The Storm’

Filled with infectious melodies, the newest album from ONE OK ROCK sees a departure from their previous sound in favour of a groovy, poppy soundscape. Since their formation in 2005, Japanese rockers ONE OK ROCK have been pumping out material relentlessly, and their newest offering Eye Of

All Get Out album 2018

Album Review // ALL GET OUT ‘No Bouquet’

Deeply poignant, No Bouquet shows All Get Out blossoming into the newest chapter of their music. South Carolina’s All Get Out bring out their fourth album, and it’s just as hard-hitting and explosive as you would expect from the duo. With tantalising instrumental work and their carefully curated sound,