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All Time Low Wake Up Sunshine 2020

Album Review // ALL TIME LOW ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’

Wake Up, Sunshine is fifteen lively and spirited tracks that prove All Time Low are still kicking it as a main player in the pop-punk scene. Back in January when All Time Low began teasing their newest record, Wake Up, Sunshine, with the release of Some Kind

Purity Ring Womb 2020

Album Review // PURITY RING ‘WOMB’

Purity Ring return from a dark hiatus to share a collection of familiar, retro-futuristic sounds and bring forth the seeking of comfort in a world that is already out of our control through their evocative and provocative metaphors. The eerie duo Purity Ring, made up

August Burns Red Guardians 2020

Album Review // AUGUST BURNS RED ‘Guardians’

August Burns Red remind us what metalcore is all about through a new set of blasting bangers. Over the years, August Burns Red constantly and undoubtedly delivered what metalcore fans were wishing for and thus remained a staple band of the genre. Integrating their signature

Margaret Glaspy Devotion 2020

Album Review // MARGARET GLASPY ‘Devotion’

Margaret Glaspy’s new album, Devotion, is the revision of an old mindset amid evolved instrumentation and synth-inspired reflections that bares a mental shift and essential growth within her work. Margaret Glaspy’s debut album, Emotions And Math, explored the polarizing idea of destructive impulses with raw

5sos CALM 2020

Album Review // 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ‘CALM’

Soaring vocals, addictive basslines, endearing lyrics, and infectious hooks are only a few of the reasons that you should turn the volume to MAX and bounce around your house to 5 Seconds Of Summer’s fourth album, CALM.  When the Aussie quartet rose to fame in

Sorry 925

Album Review // SORRY ‘925’

London quartet Sorry are not afraid to experiment on their quest to explore what is real and what is make believe in their dazzling debut album 925. It’s never an easy task to experiment with sonics while gearing up for the day of a debut

Lizzy Farrall Bruise 2020

Album Review // LIZZY FARRALL ‘Bruise’

Foraging her way through the muddy waters of female indie singers, Lizzy Farrall’s first full-length album, Bruise, makes her mark in the crowded landscape through a variety of pop, rock, and electronica styles. The 10-song record is deliberate in its execution, creating a record that

Conan Gray Kid Krow 2020

Album Review // CONAN GRAY ‘Kid Krow’

The debut album from burgeoning pop star Conan Gray sees him embracing all aspects of life, and introducing his own story to the world. If you regularly go on social media, the chances are that you have already heard of the name Conan Gray, the


EP Review // BELMONT ‘Reflections’

For Belmont’s latest effort, an EP titled Reflections, the Chicago five-piece have cooked up a tasty stew by mixing bits of pop-punk, trap, a little bit of screamo, metal, and whatever else they could take inspiration from. As the comment memes go: Label: “So what