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Album Review // THE SHERLOCKS ‘Live For The Moment’

The Sheffield outfit captures the idea of carpe diem on their long-awaited debut album Live For The Moment. Consisting of two sets of brothers, The Sherlocks have become some kind of live phenomenon over the last months. Not only they were the first unsigned band since

Album Review // RAT BOY ‘SCUM’

More ballsy and bombastic than ever, Rat Boy’s long and eagerly awaited debut is finally here. The live sensation is put to the ultimate test through their first full-length record, trying to live up to their monumental hype. The pressure is clearly on for Rat

Album Review // THE GOSPEL YOUTH ‘Always Lose’

England’s South Coast pop rock band The Gospel Youth triumph on their debut album, Always Lose. It’s no revelation that music possesses the ability to heal and channel our emotions easily. No wonder people still turn to it when life gets a little bit too

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 Review

Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7 is the latest in Fearless Records’ Punk Goes… compilation series, featuring rock bands covering mainstream pop hits. With over 2.5 million albums & 10 million singles sold, featuring bands such as A Day To Remember, The All-American Rejects, Rise Against, Pierce


London-based musician takes us on a personal journey in his ambitious new EP, Limbo. Living on a 45-year-old cabin cruiser on London’s canals with not many facilities the modern civilisation has to offer, such as TV or WIFI, Chaz Thorogood is quite an enigmatic figure.

Album Review // POND ‘The Weather’

With a current gaze on the times we live in and a limitless amount of fantasy and exploration, POND have achieved something really rare and very real on their seventh studio album, The Weather. For a psychband the first impression is that the record is surprisingly

BLAENAVON “That’s Your Lot” Review

The Hampshire trio embarks on a quest of self-discovery and growth with their long-awaited debut album. It’s been a long time coming with this one. Blaenavon have finally come around to release their debut, and it sounds just as lush and haunting as the town

BEARCUBS Takes Us ‘Underwaterfall’ with His New EP

London based artist/producer returns with sophomore EP, Underwaterfall. If your ears aren’t familiar with the sounds of Bearcubs, a London producer aka Jack Ritchie, I think you are doing yourself a disservice. I remember when the track and the title of his new EP Underwaterfall, was

TEMPLES Return With an Active Volcano

The band releases sophomore record Volcano. Second album syndrome is a known and feared phenomenon in music. It’s said you have your whole life to make a debut, though the pressure of the follow up often leads to a trap of mediocrity. Through the dozen