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Can't Swim This Too Won't Pass

Album Review // CAN’T SWIM ‘This Too Won’t Pass’

Uncompromisingly raw, you’ll feel your heart ache with every word sung on this album as it explores the hardships of life. New Jersey-based Can’t Swim are back with a heartbreaking sophomore album that shines a light on reality and its affiliated struggles through the power of music.

Normandie White Flag

Album Review // NORMANDIE ‘White Flag’

A culmination of two years of writing and recording, White Flag sees the Swedish quartet honing in on their unique sound to produce a stunning sophomore effort. The feeling of giving up is one that has struck all of us at some point in life. Swedish rockers Normandie

Stand Atlantic Skinny Dipping artwork

Album Review // STAND ATLANTIC ‘Skinny Dipping’

Taking you through an honest journey where they bring all to light and hide nothing, the debut album from Stand Atlantic marks them as one of the most exciting bands around. The Australian pop punk trio Stand Atlantic have racked up a number of impressive accolades

Album Review // BEARINGS ‘Blue In The Dark’

Heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies characterise the debut album from Bearings as you’re taken on a tale of personal experience. Ottawa-based Bearings chronicle their personal experiences on their debut full-length Blue In The Dark, rendering the album full of emotion and honesty. Sonically, it pushes the band’s

Album Review // TWENTY ØNE PILØTS ‘Trench’

With unexpected surprises at every turn, Twenty One Pilots return with an enthralling album that will push them towards even greater heights. Twenty One Pilots began this new era with host of cryptic messages and social media posts, and the wait is finally over as they

Black Peaks All That Devides

Album Review // BLACK PEAKS ‘All That Divides’

Black Peaks release their sophomore album All That Divides, a powerful exploration into the feelings that accompany pertinent political matters, and it’s sure to leave you gasping for breath. Conveying the band’s worries about the uncertain future in light of recent political events, All That Divides is a

Album Review // YOU ME AT SIX ‘VI’

More experimental and fun, You Me At Six return with some of their strongest work to date. When a band sticks around for a succession of albums over a long career, it can be difficult to know where they’re going forward, especially if they reach

Album Review // HIPPO CAMPUS ‘Bambi’

Reflecting on the chaos of current times, Hippo Campus set out on the path of sonic explorations and experimentation on their sophomore record, Bambi. Delving into the themes of mental health and anxieties that we all struggle with in the modern world, Hippo Campus shape a

ATC Past Lives

Album Review // AGAINST THE CURRENT ‘Past Lives’

Against The Current delve into an electronic soundscape on their sophomore album, evolving their sound whilst remaining distinctly themselves. Against The Current are back with their sophomore album, Past Lives, and it’s an introspective look into the thoughts and feelings of the band. Moving towards a poppier

Album Review // PALAYE ROYALE ‘Boom Boom Room (Side B)’

Palaye Royale are back to delight with their sophomore album in all their signature glitz and glamour. Palaye Royale have been making waves since they started, and this is sure to continue as they release their memorable sophomore album, the highly anticipated Boom Boom Room (Side B).