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Album Review // LYDIA ‘Liquor’

On their new album, Liquor, Arizona trio Lydia muster up ten tracks laced with bliss, angst, optimism and despair. Since their 2015 release Run Wild, Lydia have been enduring the highs and lows of the creative process. And with six previous LPs in tow, it

Album Review // GLOO ‘A Pathetic Youth’

You’ll be tempted to go out and smash something as Sussex punks Gloo rile you up with their debut album.  Hailing from the small town of Littlehampton, Gloo’s big sound doesn’t seem to reflect this. Their debut album provides ten tracks of smashing guitars, boisterous

Album Review // HOMESAFE ‘One’

Exploring feelings of homesickness and self-doubt, Chicago quartet Homesafe reflect on their past experiences on their debut album for Pure Noise Records, One. The last four years has seen Homesafe logging many miles and gaining new fans, but with all the funs of touring, there will inevitably be

Album Review // BETWEEN YOU & ME ‘Everything Is Temporary’

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, pop-punkers Between You & Me make waves with their debut album, Everything Is Temporary.   Pop punk outfit Between You & Me bring the heat from down under with their debut album Everything Is Temporary. It’s ten emotionally charged tracks delivered with a pop-punk gusto;

Album Review // THIS WILD LIFE ‘Petaluma’

The two piece acoustic band will charm you with their latest offering Petaluma, featuring some of their most honest and explorative songwriting to date. The upcoming studio album from acoustic duo This Wild Life will offer listeners a much-needed escape from the often constraining reality of daily life.

Album Review // 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER ‘Youngblood’

From the get-go, you’ll be pulled in by the sultry beats of Youngblood, which flourishes into a groovy, infectious pop album, marking a new chapter for the Australian band.  It’s a new chapter for 5 Seconds Of Summer, as they say goodbye to their pop-punk roots and embrace the dazzling world

Album Review // MAYDAY PARADE ‘Sunnyland’

Delving deeper than ever before, Mayday Parade explore universal themes of true love, growing up and the fragility of human life on their new album, Sunnyland. For music veterans such as Mayday Parade, who have been around for over than a decade, change is a natural

Album Review // STATE CHAMPS ‘Living Proof’

Powerful hooks and genuine lyricism that elevate State Champs to the status of genre-defying giants. “Let’s cut through the static and be the living proof”, we hear from Albany, New York’s State Champs on their third studio album, Living Proof. Significantly saturated, the pop-punk music

Album Review // MODERN MAPS ‘hope you’re happy.’

Southern California trio Modern Maps make a bang with their Rise Records debut, hope you’re happy. Packed with infectious riffs and captivating electronics, there are no shortages of moments on the album that will make you want to rock out and dance along to it. Speaking about

Album Review // DMA’S ‘For Now’

Sydney’s Britpop revivalists triumph on their sophomore effort, For Now. Here is it. DMA’S second album, For Now at long last. It feels like we have been waiting forever since their 2016 release Hills End. The band have proven their dominance in the live music scene in