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Fialta 2020

FIALTA Unveil Irresistible New Single ‘Omg’

Fialta couldn’t have chosen a more fitting name for their latest track, as you will be left saying Omg at how catchy the tune is. Californians Fialta may not be the first indie band to grace the scene, but they are definitely a welcome addition

j.pastel 2020

J. PASTEL Charm With New Single ‘Senegal’

Bringing the tropical vibes right to your doorstep, Senegal is everything you could want and more from a summer track. In the summer of 2019, a musical collaboration was born in Chicago between producers Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce, and their joint creative vision took


BODYIMAGE Shares New Single ‘This Way // That Way’

Immersive duo project bodyimage delivers an interstellar, hypnotising experience with their latest kaleidoscopic gem This Way // That Way. If you’re not familiar with the duo going under the moniker of bodyimage then you’ve definitely heard one of the many acclaimed hits that they’re behind

Hedda Mae 2020

HEDDA MAE Shares Vibrant New Single ‘Madness’

It’s time to strap on your dancing shoes and get your moves ready for the groovy new single from Hedda Mae. Norwegian songstress Hedda Mae brings a delightful slice of summery pop with her irresistible latest track Madness. Indulging us with sugar-sweet vocals, listening to

Scenic Route to Alaska 2020

SCENIC ROUTE TO ALASKA Share Musing New Single ‘Polarized’

Presenting an inquisitive tone, Scenic Route To Alaska question the divide in our society in their searing latest track Polarized. Indie pop trio Scenic Route To Alaska have always captured the visceral energy of their live shows into their gripping tracks, exuding an almost palpable

Seven Fly 2020

SEVEN FLY Release New Single ‘Dying Light’

Belated summer anthem, Seven Fly’s new track Dying Light will lift you up and fill you with hope. From muffled intro to reinvigorating pop punk beats to acoustic heartfelt grand finale, this song covers it all. A faithful representation of the genre’s spirit and sound,