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Hayden Everett


Emotionally vulnerable and cathartic, Honeycomb is the latest pop stunner from Hayden Everett and Adam Carpenter. San Diego-based newcomer Hayden Everett continues to charm listeners with his introspective songwriting as he shares beautiful new track, Honeycomb. Joining forces with Adam Carpenter, Hayden Everett embraces the

Post Night Pictures

POST NIGHT PICTURES Shares Nostalgic New Track ‘Get Down’

Get Down is the debut single from newcomers Post Night Pictures, a newly-formed musical project based in Liverpool. Multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Daniel Coughlin takes on his newest project as he starts Post Night Pictures, and he has delved into a dose of nostalgia for

Feng Suave

FENG SUAVE Charm With New Single ‘Tomb For Rockets’

Velvety vocals and charismatic baselines will sweep you away in Tomb For Rockets, the newest track from Feng Suave. Amsterdam-based duo Feng Suave are bringing their DIY spirit to new heights with their latest release Tomb For Rockets. Overseeing the musical production and music video,


BYELIAN Shares Atmospheric New Single ‘Thud’

German musician byelian returns with his sophomore single in the form of Thud. German producer and artist byelian is the newest name to keep on your radar, as he shares his sophomore single Thud. A driving but mellow track, Thud is a gentle torrent that

Tiberius b

TIBERIUS B Shares Swaggering New Single ‘Big Deal’

With a confident attitude and woozy syncopated rhythms, Big Deal is the hooking new single from Tiberius b. Born in London, but raised amidst the woods on a remote island in Western Canada, Tiberius b is an artist that captures the rawness of feelings and


MERCI Show What They’re Made of With ‘Never Coming Back’

Never Coming Back sees Merci make their mark, as their strongest single yet. D.C.-based Merci are Seth Coggeshall (vocals, guitar), Nick Jones (guitar), Colby Witko (keys, vocals), Justin Mason (bass), and Jack Dunigan (drums). The quintet debuted just last year but the sound they bring


NIIA Shares New Single ‘If I Should Die’ feat. GIRL ULTRA

Stylish, sensual energy radiates throughout If I Should Die, the latest release from Niia. Producer, director, singer-songwriter Niia has been expressing her anxieties and exploring her sense of self since way back when in 2013. Three albums and an awful lot of singles compile together,


NAAH Stuns With New Single ‘Goodbye My Darling’

Finding strength in music, Naah releases the cathartic Goodbye My Darling. Dealing with the loss of a dear friend and family member, and the writer’s block that followed, Swedish indie-pop songwriter and producer Naah returns with a stunning cut of pop music, Goodbye My Darling.

Tuvaband 2021

TUVABAND Releases Cathartic New Single ‘Fully Mature Things’

Choosing not to remain stagnant, Tuvaband’s atmospheric latest single is all about embracing change and progressing forward because life demands you to undergo transformation. Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser is the masterful creator of her solo project Tuvaband, in which she explores her