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BEARINGS Release Two New Songs ‘So Damn Wrong’ & ‘I Feel It All’

The Canadian band Bearings are back with two new tracks So Damn Wrong and I Feel It All.

Bearings 2019

Currently on their North American tour with Grayscale, Belmont and Rich People, Bearings have decided to add a bit of new material to their shows. With a studio album and an EP in their names already, their most recent releases add to an already sizeable number of enjoyable tracks. So Damn Wrong and I Feel It All are no different, sporting fun pop punk and proving they’re the right band to open for Grayscale on their tour.

It’s promising that Bearings are coming back strong after a rough start of 2019, with the departure of their drummer Connor Kington after an intense touring schedule.

It looks like the band picked right back up and seem to be working on their next album in their new formation, so we’re curious to see where it’s heading.