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Daily Archives: October 20, 2019

Jimmy Eat World Surviving 2019

Album Review // JIMMY EAT WORLD ‘Surviving’

With a fresh vision and whole new mindset, Jimmy Eat World let go of the past on their awe-inspiring rock-blasting 10th studio album, Surviving. With a knack for captivating storytelling, Jimmy Eat World once again transform their personal experiences into universal values and stories that

Dream State - Primrose Path 2019

Album Review // DREAM STATE ‘Primrose Path’

Embracing their traumatic emotions and experiences, Dream State bring out the light in the dark with their debut album Primrose Path. Dream State‘s debut album Primrose Path is utterly sensational. The album is a call out to those living through the devastating reality of drug

The Wha 2019

THE WHA Unveil New Single ’40 Odd Year’

The Wha, an Irish band hailing from the quaint city of Kilkenny, have released their second ever track 40 Odd Years on Chess Club. The four-piece, having gathered increasing momentum off the back of their debut single Innocents in August, have also confirmed their first