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Daily Archives: February 3, 2020

A Day To Remember 2020


Florida’s rockers are returning to the UK and Europe this Spring. A Day To Remember have announced a string of UK and European dates for May this year. The band will also perform at the Slam Dunk Festival sites in Hatfield and Leeds. Support comes

Skia 2020

SKIA Releases Debut Single ‘Anyone’

SKIA, the Norwegian alternvative-pop creator, announces the arrival of her debut single Anyone. The single brings her infectious, confident attitude and glacial beats/synths to centre stage. The juxtaposition of the two showcases a timeless message of self-belief. Explaining the process of the newly released single,

Margaret Glaspy 2020

MARGARET GLASPY Announces New Album ‘Devotion’

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy returns with the new album release, Devotion, out March 27th on ATO Records. Marking the first album since Margaret Glaspy’s 2016 Emotions and Math, Devotion will showcase her new, evolved style. After three years on the road debuting her debut album,

Declan McKenna 2020

DECLAN MCKENNA Announces New Album ‘Zeros’

After a few years away, Declan McKenna has graced our ears with his energetic, guitar-driven new single, Beautiful Faces. When watching the Beautiful Faces video, the flicker between reality and the Sims-like caricature solidifies the message Declan McKenna is selling. It captures the pointed look at