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Daily Archives: August 24, 2020

StanLei 2020

STANLEI Shares New Single ‘Wild Womxn’

Time to embrace the Wild Womxn within with new track from English-born and Toulouse-based StanLei. This is a grand entrance from the multi-instrumentalist and producer who after four years of travels has now set her sights on releasing her debut album next April. Navigating through

Deftones 2020

DEFTONES Announce New Album ‘Ohms’

Deeply soul piercing, Deftones’ new title track Ohms comes as a commentary on eternity and longevity. In anticipation of their ninth studio album, Grammy-award winning Deftones finally break the silence and explain the cryptic LA billboard by releasing the intoxicating title track Ohms. With transcendent

SuperM 2020

SuperM Release Music Video for ‘100’

Electrifying and explosive, SuperM’s new futuristic anthem 100 is the soundtrack you needed to boost your confidence and make you unstoppable. One thing is for sure, SuperM don’t hold back, no matter what they do. With a perfectly executed tempestuous choreography and attention-demanding vocals, 100

Skofee 2020

SKOFEE Looks Inward in New Single ‘Polished’ 

On Polished, Skofee’s inner monologue is showing and it’s embarrassingly relatable.  Intrusive self-doubt and judgements are all too common, but a new generation of musicians is making it acceptable to talk about it. Pop up-and-comer, Skofee, puts these thoughts to paper in her new single, Polished. Taking