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Daily Archives: January 18, 2021

Kings Elliot 2021

KINGS ELLIOT Returns With New Single ‘Dancing Alone’

Tackling romance and mental health, Kings Elliot releases the heart-breaking new track Dancing Alone. “Sick puppy” Kings Elliot is a Swiss-born, London-based soul pop artist. Her debut single I’m Getting Tired Of Me, released in 2020, racked up over a million streams worldwide and Kings

Charlie Houston 2021

CHARLIE HOUSTON Unveils New Track ‘Calls’

Newcomer Charlie Houston dazzles with a delightful bedroom pop cut, Calls. Gearing up for the release of her debut EP, I Hate Spring, due out April 23rd, 19-year-old Charlie Houston offers up an emotionally vulnerable new single, Calls. Bringing her poignant and relatable storytelling to the

Stray Local 2021

STRAY LOCAL Release New Single ‘Shiver’

Shiver is the bright new single from indie duo Stray Local. Based in North Carolina, husband-and-wife duo Stray Local produce music that’s an amalgamation of indie rock, folk, and pop songs; their sound is created with impressive vocal melodies, catchy guitar riffs and rich harmonies.