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Daily Archives: February 16, 2021

Son of Cabe 2021

SON OF CABE Team Up With ÊMIA for ‘4am’

Conjuring summer nostalgia and laid-back vibes, Son Of Cabe and ÊMIA deliver their joint effort 4am. Indie-pop duo Son Of Cabe reached across the pond, teaming up with New York-based vocalist ÊMIA to unveil their glittering new collaboration 4am. Blending suave electronic beats and 80s

Felid 2021

FELID Charms With New Single ‘Invincible’

Reaching into stirring electronics, Felid expands his alt-pop soundscape into a more emotional realm with Invincible. Fresh from the release of his debut EP, Felid continues to delight listeners with his heartfelt new single Invincible. The single is the first hint we get of his

Jonah 2021

JONAH Share Stunning New Track ‘Fallin’’

Evoking lush memories of warm days and summer nights, JONAH soothe your soul with Fallin’. German duo Angelo Mammone and Christian Steenken have been slowly building a name for themselves with their musical project JONAH, which has seen success since its early days as their