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Daily Archives: February 19, 2021

Havelocke 2021

Band Of The Week // HAVELOCKE

Announcing their new EP Arsonist, Havelocke prove that the glory days of post-hardcore and emo are yet to be over. Sheffield-based quartet Havelocke are the reminder that emo and post-hardcore music is still around, and as impactful as ever. Behind a veil of searing riffs

NF 2021

NF Announces New Project ‘CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE)’

The announcement arrives with the cinematic visuals for the fiery title-track CLOUDS.  The myth-making Michigan rapper NF has shared details of his latest project and first mixtape, CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE), which is set for release on March 26th. Dark and spine-tingling, the title-track CLOUDS is

Arran George 2021

ARRAN GEORGE Releases New Single ‘A Meeting’

UK singer-songwriter Arran George has released his newest moody single A Meeting. Shroud with broodiness, A Meeting is textured with cavernous guitar melodies, rasp stricken vocals and slightly agitated lyrics – making this bedroom ballad equally as comforting as it is unsettling. While musically it