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Daily Archives: April 19, 2021

Keni 2021

KENI Shares Video for New Single ‘Proximity’

LA-based artist Keni muses over her high school crushes in her new pop stunner Proximity. 19-year-old newcomer Keni shares yet another delightful taste of her own pop brew with the new single Proximity. Pairing alt-pop bliss with dark-pop leaning production, the track glistens with the

Annika Grace 2021

ANNIKA GRACE Shares New Video for ‘Psychopath’

Psychopath is a bouncy slice of alt-pop greatness. California’s artist Annika Grace delves into the complexities of love in her feelgood new single, Psychopath. Marrying pop stylings with electro-tinged aesthetics, Grace creates a summer-ready pop bop that bursts with energy and warmth. Her heartfelt vocals


LOTUSBLISS Release New EP ‘Bittersweet’

Canterbury’s outfit lotusbliss delve into the duality of life on their atmospheric indie-rock EP Bittersweet. Comprising of brothers Josh, Seth and Adam, lotusbliss craft an exciting blend of indie-pop with a dash of rock urgency. Drenched in nostalgia, their latest EP Bittersweet touches upon the

Tommy Lefroy 2021

TOMMY LEFROY Share New Single ‘The Cause’

Indie duo Tommy Lefroy shine with their poignant new track The Cause. Working from LA and London respectively, Tessa Mouzourakis and Wynter Bethel, aka Tommy Lefroy, pair rock with indie-folk subtleties, creating a sound that oozes with indie brilliance. Their latest single, The Cause, proves