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Daily Archives: April 30, 2021


Artist Of The Week // EVEY

Sharing her debut single Nothing, Evey makes an introduction you can’t forget. Copenhagen-based indie artist Evey is the newest talent to grace the indie scene, as she makes her introduction with infectious single Nothing. Bringing airy, feel-good melodies and charming vocals that draw upon her


JANETHAN Amazes With Bold Anthem ‘Fuck You’

Already renowned for being a powerhouse performer, Janethan unsurprisingly channels this soulful energy in his fearless and forthright latest single, Fuck You. Gritty beats, passionate vocals and admirably self-assured lyricism combines together to create Fuck You, an explosive and explicitly candid anthem about removing toxicity

Mighloe 2021

MIGHLOE Shares New Single ‘Rainy Days’

Wrapped up in warm R&B tones, Rainy Days is the ode to love from Mighloe. Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mighloe returns with her second single Rainy Days off her forthcoming EP, Desperate Times. Marrying R&B and soul stylings with a subtle indie edge, Mighloe adds her own unique flavour