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Daily Archives: May 13, 2021


Interview // WEIRD MILK

“Be yourself and do things your own way,” we sat down with two members of Weird Milk, Charlie Glover-Wright and Zach Campbell, to discuss the group’s musical journey, what they’ve learned and where they see the future taking them. Marking the near to-the-day anniversary of

Tuvaband 2021

TUVABAND Releases Cathartic New Single ‘Fully Mature Things’

Choosing not to remain stagnant, Tuvaband’s atmospheric latest single is all about embracing change and progressing forward because life demands you to undergo transformation. Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser is the masterful creator of her solo project Tuvaband, in which she explores her

Gravity Circus

GRAVITY CIRCUS Release Carefree Indie Track ‘Tension’

Reflective of the duo’s DIY approach to their creation of music, their latest single possesses an easy-going vibe with its smooth guitar riffs and mellow drums. Gravity Circus are a Dutch alt-indie duo, consisting of Brazilian-Japanese frontman Jimmy “Onibi” Nagaura Yabiko and Dutch-German drummer Ken