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Daily Archives: July 7, 2021

Freddie Long 2021

FREDDIE LONG Shares Vibrant Visuals for ‘In Your Arms’

Immersed in orange and passionately singing in his authentic gravelly tone, Freddie Long truly put his heart and soul into creating these visuals. Hailing from Sussex, England, Freddie Long is a soulful artist who possesses a distinctively raspy vocal. He also offers introspective lyrics, which


POPPY Shares Music Video for New Single ‘Her’

A montage of electrifyingly guitar riffs and Poppy’s quintessential screaming vocals, Her is yet another example of Poppy’s effortless ability to transform genres. Her is Poppy’s third major release in the short span of five weeks, following her cover of Jack Off Jill’s Fear Of

joan come over

JOAN Drop New Banger ‘come over’

Get your groove on with the latest alt-pop delight from joan, come over. come over is the second single taken from joan‘s forthcoming EP hi, which will be paired with the bye EP, also out later this year. The duo’s new chapter, the ‘wave era’

GIRLI 2021

GIRLI Shares Passionate New Single ‘Dysmorphia’

Speaking on a misleading sense of self and unrealistic body goals, Dysmorphia is the latest from pop powerhouse GIRLI. The pop powerhouse drenched in pink, more formally known as GIRLI, is quickly becoming one of the faces of London’s alt-pop scene. From the angsty, feminist


KANDLE Releases Soulful Track ‘When It Hurts’

With sultry vocals and vulnerable lyricism, this track is an intoxicating and authentic ballad of the pain that inevitably comes with love. Vancouver-based and JUNO-nominated, Kandle Osborne is an independent artist who was not fazed by the pandemic, but actually empowered by it. She saw

Charity Children

CHARITY CHILDREN Release New Single ‘Baby Blue’

Oozing with melancholia and emotional fragility, Baby Blue is the latest piano ballad from Charity Children. Comprising of Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee, Charity Children are a Berlin-based, New Zealand-raised, alt-pop band. Now ex-lovers, Lewer and McKee continue to push their creativity and musicality into


IZZA Shares Empowering New Single ‘Silence’

Initially beginning as a stripped-back, emotionally-driven lyrical masterpiece, this track soon develops into a euphoric, electrifying genre-bending anthem. London-based Izza is an up-and-coming independent artist who stuns with her stunningly soulful vocals. She draws inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse and Bill Withers, and