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Daily Archives: July 22, 2021


BEXX Shares Rousing Single ‘Biggest Mistake’

A musical embodiment of the importance of self-love, this pop-punk track is a triumphant reminder to treat yourself with kindness. Currently a finalist in Future Sound of Nottingham 2021, bexx has proved herself as one to watch in the UK pop scene. Quite the pop

Unusual Demont 2021

UNUSUAL DEMONT Releases Edgy Single ‘Vanta’

Unusual Demont has achieved something incredibly exciting with the creation of Vanta. Born in Wisconsin but currently based in LA, Unusual Demont is a rapidly rising unique artist who is a self-described “weirdo.” This original artist’s sound has been influenced by everything from his grandfather’s

Cody Frost 2021


STOMACHACHES, the latest single from Cody Frost, explores “bugs being a materialised version of my anxiety, and other people’s mental health issues.” Only embarking upon their musical journey earlier this year is Cody Frost, who has quickly made a name for themselves and racked up

Jon Doe

JON DOE Share New Single ‘Fresh Burrito’

Crisp, fresh, alt-pop is wrapped up like a Fresh Burrito, and served to us by Jon Doe. Heidelberg-based quintet Jon Doe have been creating genre-bending music since they formed back in 2018. From the dark pop of their debut, to the fresh summer vibes of