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Daily Archives: September 23, 2021

Shayhan 2021

SHAYHAN Shares New Single ‘Goodbye’

Gravelly and bursting with warmth, Shayhan’s gorgeous vocals captivate you as he leads you into his soulful universe. Providing a new outlook on psychedelic soul and funk, Shayhan is an LA-based genre-bending artist who stuns with his Prince-esque vocals. From the young age of eleven,


DREAMER BOY Releases Passionate New Single ‘KEEP THE PACE’

With volume and velocity off the charts, this track is an unpredictable frenzy of emotions which many of us will relate to due to the pandemic. Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, 24-year-old inventive singer-songwriter Dreamer Boy consistently meanders through different genres and commands the stage with

Metteson 2021

METTESON Dazzles With New Track ‘Under Your Shirt’

Bringing a driving rhythm and stirring melody, Metteson sends you to a glittering high with Under Your Shirt. Norwegian alt-popper Metteson dazzles with yet another effortlessly charming and effusive track. Combining rousing harmonies and heart-on-sleeve lyricism, there’s a lot to relish in with Under Your

Eden Rain 2021

EDEN RAIN Releases Stunning New Single ‘Being Human’

The latest track from Eden Rain serves as a timely reminder that there is beauty and bravery in being human. Leeds-born and London-based artist Eden Rain maintains her flourishing and profoundly original artistry with her latest single Being Human. Following the release of her three