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Daily Archives: November 11, 2021

Casey Conroy 2021

CASEY CONROY Shares New Single ‘Over You’

Casey Conroy muses over the past in her instantly hooking indie-pop number, Over You. Over You is the latest single taken from Casey Conroy‘s debut EP It’s Just Living, out now. Sweetly subtle yet ardent, the track is built around radio-ready pop hooks and alt

Jackson Dyer

JACKSON DYER Soothes With New Single ‘At Ease’

Get ready for a bittersweet and shimmering slice of indie-pop that will put you At Ease. Sydney-born, Berlin-based musician Jackson Dyer charms us with his most recent single At Ease. It’s a dreamy listen, with holographic guitars and comforting beats that will gently rouse you

VC Pines 2021

VC PINES Shares Groovy Single ‘Be Honest’

Symbolising the beginning of a new musical era for VC Pines, this track embodies his pandemic-induced introspection and determination. With the help of seven-piece band The Violet Collective, VC Pines, also known as Jack Mercer, blends a delicious mix of alternative soul, punk and poetic