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Drew Schueler 2020

DREW SCHUELER Releases New Track ‘No Comparison’

Follow Drew Schueler on his purposeful self-doubting journey with his playful electro-pop single No Comparison. Following his 2018 self-written/produced debut EP New Perspective, the Nashville-based pop artist Drew Schueler adds a new addition to his retrospective array of singles with No Comparison. The instrumentalist’s journey

Laura David 2020

LAURA DAVID Shares New Single ‘Waste My Time’

Indie-soul emerging artist Laura David takes the next big step in her music journey as she releases  heartwarming new track Waste My Time. Following a preview of her musical mastermind earlier this year with her debut single Better, the Toronto  sweetheart spreads her wings and

Paceshifters 2020

PACESHIFTERS Share New Track ‘Hurdles’

Paceshifters drop first tease off their new album and speak the unspeakable truth as they urge listeners to wake up and conquer those Hurdles. After restlessly touring and being on the front line of the alt-rock musical scene for over a decade, the Dutch rockers

Natalie McCool 2020

NATALIE MCCOOL Shares New Single ‘Devils’

Natalie McCool powerfully strikes back and urges listeners to ‘dance with the devil anyway’ in her latest electrifying single Devils. It’s only been a few months since we were last stunned by the multi-instrumentalist with her previous release of anthemic Closure, but Natalie McCool seems

Josh Fudge 2020

JOSH FUDGE Unveils New Single ‘When She’s Gone’

Josh Fudge unlocks another level to his lyrical mastermind with euphoric, disco-infused new release When She’s Gone. Having only introduced himself to the music scene a year ago, the 18-year-old Oklahoma-based singer and songwriter, Josh Fudge releases latest in an array of exceptional singles with