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Natalie McCool 2020

NATALIE MCCOOL Shares New Single ‘Devils’

Natalie McCool powerfully strikes back and urges listeners to ‘dance with the devil anyway’ in her latest electrifying single Devils. It’s only been a few months since we were last stunned by the multi-instrumentalist with her previous release of anthemic Closure, but Natalie McCool seems

Josh Fudge 2020

JOSH FUDGE Unveils New Single ‘When She’s Gone’

Josh Fudge unlocks another level to his lyrical mastermind with euphoric, disco-infused new release When She’s Gone. Having only introduced himself to the music scene a year ago, the 18-year-old Oklahoma-based singer and songwriter, Josh Fudge releases latest in an array of exceptional singles with

Victoria Canal 2020

VICTORIA CANAL Shares Music Video for ‘Victoria’

Fearless confidence has a new face and it’s Victoria Canal – the LGBTQ, differently-abled singer who continues to do the unspeakable and inspires with latest single Victoria. Following a startling year that saw the LGBTQ, Spanish-American singer and songwriter featured as the face of the

GOSS 2020

GOSS Shares New Single ‘Everybody’s Going’

Danish breakthrough dynamite Goss releases a funky anthem for those who experience FOMO. With two EPs, Healthcare (2017) and Homeland Security (2018), and tens of singles under his astonishing musical belt, Goss unveils his latest offering in a string of new singles with Everybody’s Going.

BAXTR 2020

BAXTR Drop Bold New Single ‘Feathers’

Latest alt-pop addition comes from riotous female force BAXTR who urge women around the world to spread their wings and ‘show your Feathers’. There’s nothing more satisfying and heartwarming than witnessing young women and young individuals around the world contesting for their human rights and

Coyote Island 2020

COYOTE ISLAND Shares New Single ’11’

Coyote Island brings a rosy beam of sunlight with his latest airy single 11. Following previous releases Here Before and Golden Rule earlier this year, the Maine-based singer and songwriter Mike O’Hehir, aka Coyote Island, has been treating us to his atmospheric sonics only for