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Bryar 2020

BRYAR Shares New Single ‘Salt & Water’

We have a little something that will soothe the soul called Salt & Water by Bryar.  This chill track has everything you need, velvety smooth vocals and an effortless cool production to balance it out. As we delve into the lyrics, it is emotive and

Child press 2020

CHILD Unveils New Single ‘Cover Up’

Prepare to be allured by the fresh and expansive track from CHILD titled Cover Up. Cover Up is the third offering from Devin Coogan aka CHILD and what a way to bring us into his world. His tantalising vocals are the star of Cover Up,


ELEONOR LÉONE Shares New Single ‘Karma’

Karma is the latest vivacious offering from Sweden’s Eleanor Léone. Coming from her upcoming EP, Karma is a statement track from the Swedish artist. Eleonor Léone has expressed how she experiences insomnia and harnesses that time to explore her artistry. You can hear that tone

Maella 2020

MAELLA Shares New Single ‘Melting Butter’

Things are getting hot with the latest track from Maella titled Melting Butter that is a little piece of liquid gold. This seductive track draws you in from the first few seconds with Maella‘s stunning vocals and sultry guitar. By the time the first chorus

abrahamblue 2020

ABRAHAMBLUE Shares New Single ‘Deserve’

Time to take things down a notch with the latest track from abrahamblue titled Deserve. Coming from his debut EP, Tracks I Made Last Summer, set to drop on the 23rd of October, Deserve is the third taste from abrahamblue. This smooth track takes a