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Kiwi Jr 2020 press shot

KIWI JR. Unveil Video for ‘Gimme More’

With their music heavily drenched in the influences of the city that surrounds them, Kiwi Jr. have shared visuals for Gimme More. This Toronto-based four piece are doing serious things for my ears right now and I’m digging it. An inventive band ripping punk apart

spookyghostboy 2019

SPOOKYGHOSTBOY Unveils Dreamy New Single ‘Hello It’s Me’

Blissful lo-fi beats and chilled out electronics put you right at ease in spookyghostboy’s newest single. spookyghostboy, aka Austin Thomas, allows a glimpse into his personal struggles with his newest single Hello It’s Me. The track sees him opening up about a medical condition called

Bakers Eddy 2019

BAKERS EDDY Reveal Video for ‘On My Own’

Bakers Eddy revel in being the wallflower in new video for single On My Own. Bakers Eddy have returned with an amusing video for new single On My Own, a track that celebrates the joy of embracing your inner-introvert. Featuring the catchy guitar riffs and

Far Caspian 2019

FAR CASPIAN Shares Spellbinding New Single ‘July’

Adding another gem to his bedroom pop catalogue, Far Caspian returns with wistful and subtle new single July. Lifted from Far Caspian‘s forthcoming third EP, July is a melancholic yet blissful offering that is sure to warm up many hearts in this cold winter season.