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Eastwood 2020

EASTWOOD Reveal Video for New Single ‘False Start’

Overflowing with small town summer vibes, Eastwood’s new song False Start is going to wash away the frown off your forehead and bring a smile on your face. Breaking out of the box people have placed him in, Cole Crutchfield (Knocked Loose) embraces pop and

Declan McKenna

DECLAN MCKENNA Releases New Track ‘Be An Astronaut’

With fans around the world, Declan McKenna has shared Bowie-esque new single Be An Astronaut, taken from his highly anticipated forthcoming album, Zeros. Be An Astronaut is the third single to be released by the music sensation this year, lifted off his highly anticipated second

Kat Saul 2020

KAT SAUL Drops Powerful New Track ‘Monsters’

The alt-pop powerhouse Kat Saul has released a catchy, anthemic new track, Monsters.  The new single is in recognition of how our fears change as we grow older and become more aware of the world around us. Monsters is a pristine pop tune that fits

Colorama 2020

COLORAMA Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Reconciliation’

With laid-back beats and tropical vibes, Reconciliation is a visceral offering from Colorama that will transport you to a different realm. Psychedelic indie-rockers Colorama are back with Reconciliation, their third and final single to be lifted from their newest album Chaos Wonderland which was released

merci mercy 2020

MERCI, MERCY Shares Intoxicating New Single ‘Fall Apart’

Bringing a bubblegum pop sound that is simply irresistible, merci, mercy’s latest single Fall Apart is a track that demands to be played on repeat. 19-year-old musician merci, mercy has had quite the unconventional upbringing; having lived abroad in China and Thailand as a teen,

Thousand Below 2020

THOUSAND BELOW Announce Acoustic New EP ‘let go of your love’

Unveiling a brand new title track and reworking previous material into acoustic versions, Thousand Below’s newest EP let go of your love will bring both familiarity and excited anticipation. Although post-hardcore band Thousand Below are not typically associated with tear-jerking, heart-rendering acoustic music, that perception

Cam Blake 2020

CAM BLAKE Releases New Song ‘Conversation #3’

Up-and-coming indie star Cam Blake has shared a dreamy pop tune called Conversation #3 that’s guaranteed to make you smile.  Conversation #3 is taken from Cam Blake‘s forthcoming new album, set to be released in the autumn of this year. The new lo-fi, bedroom pop

Cloudy June 2020

CLOUDY JUNE Drops New Single ‘Pretty Pills For Broken Hearts’

Captivating audiences, Cloudy June graces the soundwaves with her latest single, a haunting but downright catchy tune, Pretty Pills For Broken Hearts. With a striking, lilting voice Berlin’s Cloudy June commands your attention. Her latest single Pretty Pills For Broken Hearts is a hypnotic, rousing, psychedelic