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Tanners 2019

TANNERS Unveils Visuals for ‘Venus’

New York-based Tanners invites you to her neon fantasy world with her latest single Venus. Tanners has shared new clip for her latest sonic delight, Venus, a follow-up to her 2018 self-titled EP. Adding a sprinkle of magic on top, Tanners easily blends a psychedelic

Phoebe Green 2019

PHOEBE GREEN Unveils Visuals for ‘Dreaming Of’

The retro-tinged Dreaming Of receives an equally retro visual makeover and it’s every bit as dreamy as one could have imagined. Manchester’s Phoebe Green may have only released one single in the form of Dreaming Of, but it’s clear that this young woman is only


GEOWULF Looks Inwards with New Single ‘I See Red’

The introspective single I See Red marks a resounding comeback single from Geowulf. Hailing from Australia but currently based in London, Geowulf brings their newest offering in the form of I See Red, a reflective comeback track that will make you pause upon your own

Oscar Scheller 2019

OSCAR SCHELLER Shares New Track ‘Interstellar Disco’

It’s time to strap on your dancing shoes for the buoyant new track from Oscar Scheller. London based Oscar Scheller returns with his newest single Interstellar Disco, ahead of his sophomore project HTTP404 which is set to be released later this year. Speaking more about

MGK video 2019

MACHINE GUN KELLY Shares Video for ‘Hollywood Whore’

MGK pays tribute to Chester Bennington in his new clip for Hollywood Whore. Hollywood Whore is the first taste of Machine Gun Kelly‘s highly-anticipated new album, Hotel Diablo, which is set to arrive in June. Well, we still don’t know the exact release date of

Woes 2019

WOES Reveal Video for New Single ‘Fancy’

The Scottish four piece has released video for Fancy, the third single of their debut album, Awful Truth, which is set to be released on June 28th through UNFD. Single Fancy follows Woes‘ earlier releases Money Shoe and Suburbs, which have received tens of thousands

MARIKA HACKMAN Shares New Video for ‘i’m not where you are’

Suddenly, our level of ghosting people doesn’t seem so bad in comparison to Marika’s in her newest video for i’m not where you are. UK’s Marika Hackman hasn’t been one to shy away from tackling personal themes in her music, and the recent i’m not where you are follows