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Honeyboys 2021

Band Of The Week // HONEYBOYS

Californian quartet Honeyboys return with their charming new single One Another, the second single to be lifted from their upcoming debut EP. Blending feel-good vibes with swathes of lush synths, One Another is a hug in musical form as it envelopes around you with comforting

Havelocke 2021

Band Of The Week // HAVELOCKE

Announcing their new EP Arsonist, Havelocke prove that the glory days of post-hardcore and emo are yet to be over. Sheffield-based quartet Havelocke are the reminder that emo and post-hardcore music is still around, and as impactful as ever. Behind a veil of searing riffs

flipturn 2021

Band Of The Week // FLIPTURN

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of their most recent EP, Something You Needed, flipturn share a fanciful video for the beloved track Glistening. Florida-based trio flipturn have captivated our hearts over the course of the past year with their EP Something You Needed, with their woozy

HYYTS 2021

Band Of The Week // HYYTS

Embracing their past experiences and scars, HYYTS offer a message of resilience and optimism with their latest single Bad Tattoo. Glaswegian pop duo HYYTS are about to take over your speakers with their bright and irresistible sound. Having signed to Warner Records UK, performed alongside

Blackout Problems 2020


Sharing a compelling message to highlight the pressing climate problem, Blackout Problems demand you to sit up and pay attention with their urgent sound and captivating video for LADY EARTH. German four-piece Blackout Problems are acutely aware of the big issues that the next generation

VRSTY 2020

Band Of The Week // VRSTY

Releasing their gripping new EP Cloud City, VRSTY are back with more focus than ever and a renewed urgency in their sound. New York City quartet VRSTY make their Spinefarm Records debut with their brand new EP Cloud City. Packed with gripping riffs and thundering

Glass Caves 2020

Band Of The Week // GLASS CAVES

Releasing their new EP A Spin Around The Sun, Glass Caves mark the start of a new era with a renewed focus and a sharpened motivation. You might have previously known the Yorkshire band Glass Caves as a group collective, but as they return for

Bad Nerves 2020

Band Of The Week // BAD NERVES

With pummelling percussion and a break-neck intensity, the high-wired new single, Palace, from Bad Nerves is sure to shock and jolt with its punchiness. East London quintet Bad Nerves are quite a handful of energy; between them, they create some irresistibly raucous and cacophonous punk

The Islas 2020

Band Of The Week // THE ISLAS

Bringing a searing energy and irresistibly velvety vocals, Close is the upbeat single from The Islas that will course through your veins. Norwich indie quartet The Islas found their commonality and bond in the shared desire to craft music that was punchy yet impactful, writing

STIIR 2020

Band Of The Week // STIIR

With a dreamy, summery soundscape, get lost in the dulcet tones of STIIR in their latest single Could Be Better. North London trio STIIR faced many of the same setbacks that challenged much of the music industry over lockdown, including the inability to work together