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Blondes 2021

Band Of The Week // BLONDES

Bursting with vigour and hooking melodies, Blondes share the music video for Minimum Wage. Hailing from Nottingham, Blondes are the newest band you should have on your radar and with the release of their newest video Minimum Wage, now is the perfect time to do

Sad Boys Club 2021

Band Of The Week // SAD BOYS CLUB

Grappling with the messiness of life that accompanies you through your twenties, Echoes In A Shallow Bay ushers in a new era for Sad Boys Club. Trying to navigate your twenties in a sprawling capital city isn’t the easiest experience; the members of London’s Sad

Gathering of Strangers


Bringing an electrifying sound and an even more pressing message, Antidote is the adrenaline-infused new single from Gathering Of Strangers. Manchester-based quintet Gathering Of Strangers elevate their urgent energy to searing new heights in their latest track Antidote. The band’s name tells their story eponymously;


Band Of The Week // BANJI

When you’re feeling helplessly off-track, this fun new track from Banji will pick you right back up. Dutch quartet Banji tap into a carefree, lackadaisical sound for their newest single and video Dogbreath. Blending together alt-pop melodies with playful electronics and woozy, off-kilter lyrics, Banji

Twin XL

Band Of The Week // TWIN XL

Unveiling the music video for their newest single Slow Heart, TWIN XL bring a reinvigorated passion to breathe new energy into your life. Los Angeles alt-poppers TWIN XL return with the music video for their latest release Slow Heart. The track is the latest addition

Meet Me @ The Altar

Band Of The Week // MEET ME @ THE ALTAR

Bringing an intersectionality and fresh perspective into the pop-punk world, Meet Me @ The Altar are the band that the world needs right now. The pop-punk scene isn’t traditionally known for being the most diverse nor progressive, but these stereotypes are beginning to break apart

The Catalina 2020

Band Of The Week // THE CATALINA

Unveiling their more tender side, The Catalina charm with heartfelt new single Miss U Like. Minneapolis trio The Catalina are going to capture your heart with their yearning new single Miss U Like. Stepping away from the vibrant upbeat energy that we’ve witnessed in their

Honeyboys 2021

Band Of The Week // HONEYBOYS

Californian quartet Honeyboys return with their charming new single One Another, the second single to be lifted from their upcoming debut EP. Blending feel-good vibes with swathes of lush synths, One Another is a hug in musical form as it envelopes around you with comforting

Havelocke 2021

Band Of The Week // HAVELOCKE

Announcing their new EP Arsonist, Havelocke prove that the glory days of post-hardcore and emo are yet to be over. Sheffield-based quartet Havelocke are the reminder that emo and post-hardcore music is still around, and as impactful as ever. Behind a veil of searing riffs

flipturn 2021

Band Of The Week // FLIPTURN

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of their most recent EP, Something You Needed, flipturn share a fanciful video for the beloved track Glistening. Florida-based trio flipturn have captivated our hearts over the course of the past year with their EP Something You Needed, with their woozy