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Ultra Q

Band Of The Week // ULTRA Q

With a blistering new EP now under their belt, Ultra Q show their fire in Get Yourself A Friend and prove that they’re ready to impart their own mark on the indie-rock scene. Born from an extensive period of being at home, Ultra Q’s latest


Band Of The Week // OVERPASS

With a youthful swagger and boisterous energy, newcomers Overpass get the excitement going with Changes. Life rarely stops for anyone; with constant fluctuations and spontaneity greeting us at every turn, it can sometimes feel quite disorienting as we try to ground ourselves and establish our



Heart-wrenching and emotionally gripping, COMA is the unfiltered sophomore album from THECITYISOURS. When we’re in a deep place of pain and vulnerability, it can lead to the creation of our deepest and most visceral art; that’s exactly what arises from COMA, the sophomore album from

Sleep Outside

Band Of The Week // SLEEP OUTSIDE

The feeling of being burnt out isn’t unfamiliar for most of us, and Sleep Outside share their own woes on it with their latest track Spent. Cardiff-London trio Sleep Outside offer a refreshed sound of the early 00s pop-punk and emo sound that accompanied a lot

Tigress 2021

Band Of The Week // TIGRESS

Tigress tackle the unrealistic expectations that we’re confronted with in their searing debut album, Pura Vida. It’s not uncommon to feel a disconnect and pressures of unrealistic expectations caused by the technology we’re surrounded by. But instead of standing idly in the face of such

swim school 2021

Band Of The Week // SWIM SCHOOL

Bringing an immersive sonic palette of textures, swim school make waves with their debut EP making sense of it all. Edinburgh indie outfit swim school burst through with youthful exuberance and a yearning eagerness in their new EP, making sense of it all. The group

Those Without

Band Of The Week // THOSE WITHOUT

Get ready to jump and rock out with Those Without for their recent release Weightless. Pop punk isn’t dead, and Those Without are here to make sure that statement stands. Following the release of their EP Neon Minds last year, the band has scored features

ill peach 2021

Band Of The Week // ILL PEACH

Bringing a woozy pop and their own brand of off-kilter sound, ill peach charm with their new single GUM. Los Angeles-based duo ill peach have had quite the adventure to discovering their callings as musicians; consisting of Jess Corazza and Pat Morrissey, the duo came


Band Of The Week // KAWALA

Announcing their debut mixtape, Paradise Heights, KAWALA are here to set the tone for your summer. North London-based outfit KAWALA are gearing up for a summer of reconnection and reconciliation, much like the rest of the population. After a year of distanced interactions and virtual

Blondes 2021

Band Of The Week // BLONDES

Bursting with vigour and hooking melodies, Blondes share the music video for Minimum Wage. Hailing from Nottingham, Blondes are the newest band you should have on your radar and with the release of their newest video Minimum Wage, now is the perfect time to do