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Arran George 2018

Artist Of The Week // ARRAN GEORGE

Tinged with a bittersweet honesty, the debut EP from Arran George takes you into an ethereal bedroom-pop soundscape you’ll want to rest in forever. Cumbrian Arran George may still be unsigned, but the release of his debut EP will quickly change that fact. Bringing four tracks of

Pizzagirl 2018

Artist Of The Week // PIZZAGIRL

Shimmering soundscapes and sentimental hooks, dive into the unique world of Pizzagirl. Blurring the lines between the past era and modernity, Pizzagirl aka Liam Brown serves us another slice of dreamy bedroom pop in the form of his sophomore EP, season 2. Fascinated by the bold

Free Money 2018

Band Of The Week // FREE MONEY

Releasing their debut EP, The Free Money, there’s a lot of things to love about Free Money’s sound and we thought we would ask them a few questions as they begin this new era. Glittering and exuberant are two adjectives that come to mind when

Hawthorne Heights


Having released their album Bad Frequencies earlier this year, American emo rockers Hawthorne Heights have recently dropped the visuals for Crimson Sand. We caught up with them to talk more about the album and temporal changes as they feature as our band of the week. Whenever you listen


The latest single from Dancing On Tables will make you want to dance on a table along to its rhythmic grooves and infectious riffs. Dunfermline indie-pop act Dancing On Tables have released their latest single Stereo, and it checks all the boxes of a great indie-pop anthem. With

Normandie 2018

Band Of The Week // NORMANDIE

Gearing up for the release of their sophomore album White Flag, Swedish rockers Normandie share new video for Enough. If you’re after a groundbreaking rock sound, look no further than our band of the week Normandie. Releasing their third single and video Enough from their upcoming album White Flag, set