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SUNDARA KARMA Gig Review // Heaven

SUNDARA KARMA play a sold-out show at Heaven in London.

For many, tonight may appear as just a regular Friday night. But for a few lucky ones, it’s all about seeing one of their favourite bands at such an iconic London venue. A long queue, way before the doors opened, with some people proudly wearing the band’s merchandise and a few showing off Sundara Karma‘s logo tattooed on their shoulders. Not to mention a poor fainter, moments before the Reading quartet even emerged on stage. All that surely gives you an idea about the headlining act.

Just back from a busy festival season with a debut album on the way, Sundara Karma are undoubtedly ready to shake new music scene. Moreover, this process has already begun and tonight is just another out of many reasons to prove it.

The band kicks off with infectious vibes of the track Indigo Puff (2014). Obviously, it doesn’t take long for the crowd to totally lose it. Lyrics You know, that time is on your side / Seeing life through closed eyes / It’s just a young understanding ring next as the audience impressively sings back every word alongside the flashing lights as a visual accompaniment.

Oscar Lulu‘s broad and distinctive vocals echo across the room when he soars Push me aside and tell me I’m wonderful / Push me aside and tell me I’m miserable in the song Run Away whilst everyone has a thing for Vivienne, all thanks to towering Come on baby let’s feel alive / We could change the world / If we stopped getting high, both off of the band’s 2015 EP II.

What’s more, Sundara Karma showcase two new songs taken from their upcoming debut album, Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect. Olympia is just another taster of their fresh and profound sound whilst Deep Relief is dedicated to all gathered fans as Lulu shouts “This is for you guys!”. In a second, one girl jumps on the stage, hugs the singer and gets ready for some crazy crowdsurfing action. Next, I spot one flying shoe and the stage diving follows.

A young band with extraordinary ability to hypnotise the audience. Their radiant stage presence shine throughout the entire set as they display catchy and intensifying track She Said, upbeat and guitar-driven Flame and a cover of Luther Vandross’ Never Too Much which, as the band admits, gets its first play. A bold but highly enjoyable choice, judging by loud singalongs and confident hip sways among the crowd.

Sundara Karma return for an encore spinning two more tracks, The Night and Loveblood, as fans loudly scream “One more song!”. Finishing off with the last verses of the latter, One last kiss, away she goes / Obsessed with loveblood and yet no one knows, the four-piece makes sure tonight does not fade away too quickly just like the spirit of eternal youth never cease to exist.

Their debut album, Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect, is due for release on 6th January 2017 via Sony Music Entertainment.








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Photos: Kasia Osowiecka