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Limon Limon

LIMÓN LIMÓN Share New Single ‘Honey Blossom’

Limón Limón alleviate the winter blues with their delightful new single Honey Blossom. Composed of Jason (vocals, guitar, bass) and Rand (keys, synths, drums), LA-based Limón Limón offer an exquisite brew of genres with their latest single, Honey Blossom. Pairing R&B rhythms with bossa nova-esque innovative

Casey Conroy 2021

CASEY CONROY Shares New Single ‘Over You’

Casey Conroy muses over the past in her instantly hooking indie-pop number, Over You. Over You is the latest single taken from Casey Conroy‘s debut EP It’s Just Living, out now. Sweetly subtle yet ardent, the track is built around radio-ready pop hooks and alt

WESTLIFE Are Back – An Intro to the Irish Boyband

Westlife are back! Having fallen victim to some of the worst timing in musical history (outside of John Barnes’s rapping on World In Motion, of course), the beloved boyband are back at it again. Westlife‘s last LP, Spectrum, dropped in November 2019. This was meant to


LEXMO Shares New Single ‘Think Of Me’

Forlornly personal and carefully paced, Think Of Me is the latest heartbreaking ballad from LexMo. Emerging Venezuelan, Miami-raised multidisciplinary artist LexMo wears her heart on her sleeve in her new pop stunner, Think Of Me. With a touch of melancholic sweetness to the sound, LexMo creates a

Maryon 2021

MARYON Shares New Single ‘New Life’

Sweetly subtle yet powerfully evocative, New Life is the latest pop stunner from Maryon. Born in Calarasi and raised in Padova, Italy, Maryon is the refreshingly genuine new voice in pop music that you should pay attention to. Her debut single Hustler has already racked

Emery Kelly

EMERY KELLY Shares Debut Single ‘Gotta Know’

Bringing a wistful indie-pop sound, Emery Kelly charms with his debut single Gotta Know. LA-based singer-songwriter, producer and actor Emery Kelly makes his debut with emotive indie-pop cut, Gotta Know. A reflection on love, the track pairs shimmering electronics with an acoustic guitar to create


LOVELESS Share New Single ‘sorry i’m a downer’

Loveless touch upon mental health struggles in their emo-infused pop-punk anthem, sorry i’m a downer. Comprised of Julian Comeau and Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail, Loveless formed in 2019. Having collaborated with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens and released their album Loveless I earlier this year, the