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THE WISE MAN’S FEAR Release Video for New Track ‘What Went Wrong’

Fantasycore pioneers The Wise Man’s Fear return with the captivating story of a lost soul trying to be found.


Wandering on a path with a blurry beginning and without a clear destination, The Wise Man’s Fear find themselves trying to figure out how they ended up in such an inexplicable position by looking inside their souls and into their past. With a quite poetic approach to lyricism, drawing its inspiration from unearthly alternative dimensions described in fantasy books, the boys are looking at modern, society-induced struggles like anxiety and self-doubt through the lens of surrealism, which makes them seem like epic quests instead of generic problems.

Commenting on the new song, vocalist Tyler Eads states:

‘What Went Wrong’ sheds light on the inner dialogue of struggling with self-doubt and anxiety. Relationships become damaged and coping with temporary distractions ends up making it more difficult to find true solace. It’s a reflection on the different paths we take in life that pull us away from the people we love.

What Went Wrong is taken from the band’s forthcoming new record, Valley Of Kings, due out on May 29th via SharpTone Records.