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Daily Archives: May 9, 2020

Stevie wolf 2020

STEVIE WOLF Releases New Single ‘Ink’

In his latest single, Ink, Colorado’s Stevie wolf evokes a sweet serenity through the use of sunshine guitars, and honest and clever metaphors. Playful guitars back up the softness of Stevie wolf’s voice and the sweet, sensitive lyricism displayed in his new single, Ink. It is the comparison

BAD CHILD Behave 2020

BAD CHILD Drops Music Video for ‘Behave’

If the ‘effortlessly cool’ aesthetic can be transcribed into a song, into a feeling, BAD CHILD has succeeded in doing that with Behave.  From the Spanish trills at the opening to the haunting mob repetition at the end, Behave never feels overdone. The electric guitar