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YUNGBLUD Debuts Punk-Influenced Single ‘Strawberry Lipstick’

Move over Watermelon Sugar; YUNGBLUD has just snatched the crown of “fruit metaphor king” with his boisterous, uninhibited banger, Strawberry Lipstick.

Yungblud Strawberry Lipstick 2020

Continuing to push the boundaries of his art, YUNGBLUD marks the dawning of a new era in riotous fashion with the release of Strawberry LipstickWith zealous, bass-heavy guitars and foot-stomping drums, YUNGBLUD, aka Dominic Harrison, bucks the traditional genre lines once more. His sound has always varied, but with Strawberry Lipstick, YUNGBLUD revisits the grittiness that helped propel him into the limelight while standing resolutely on its own. His vocals are crisp, but maintain the gravelly rawness that anyone who has heard Harrison sing live will instantly recognize and appreciate. With a screeching guitar solo from Adam Warrington and a chorus that will have you hitting replay, YUNGBLUD has another hit on his hands.

Wearing his hair in bright red liberty spikes, YUNGBLUD ticks the boxes on all the iconic fashion choices in the 90s punk scene in the Strawberry Lipstick video: Union Jacks including a Posh-worthy minidress, spikey collars, a red plaid short suit, and a white bulldog name Canolli. Jesse Jo Stark features as YUNGBLUD’s love interest – or dominatrix, depending on how you interpret the lyrics of Strawberry Lipstick. 

During the BBC Radio 1 premiere, Harrison described Strawberry Lipstick:

It’s just a bundle of energy. I think everyone needs a bit of energy right now.