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GRIFF Strips Back for ‘Good Stuff’

Heart-rending and tender, Griff unleashes a whole host of emotions with her powerful new single Good Stuff.


At just 18-years-old, Griff has already managed to completely capture our hearts with her musical prowess, displaying a musical maturity far beyond her years. Opening up about her vulnerabilities and inner musings in her newest single Good Stuff, it’s a touching track that allows her character to shine through. Bringing an instant familiarity as she delves into introspective lyricism, the tinkering keys allow her powerhouse vocals to take centre stage and send tingles down your spine with their potency.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Griff explains:

So my family foster children in care, and we’ve had kids come and live with us for as long as 4 years, but they always end up moving on to a more permanent situation. Every time they do, as a family we always only ever remember ‘the good stuff’ – even though fostering can be super difficult and hard. So about a year ago I came into the studio with ‘only remember the good stuff when you go’ written down in my phone notes, and that became this song.

You can catch Griff live at London’s OMEARA on March 25th.