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Sody 2019

Artist Of The Week // SODY

Laying bare her feelings in her latest track The Bully, Sody’s ability to express potent emotions through her lyricism whilst writing hooking melodies marks her as an artist you should keep your eye on. Although aged merely 18, Sody certainly seems much wiser beyond her age as evidenced by

Tame Impala 2019

TAME IMPALA Releases New Single ‘Borderline’

Conveying feelings of uncertainty, the newest single from Tame Impala sees the Perth musician doing some self-reflection. When Patience came earlier this year as the first new material in four years, it hinted at a potentially different sonic direction than the psychedelic rock we associate with Tame Impala,

Beabadoobee 2019

BEABADOOBEE Shares Video for ‘If You Want To’

The rather playful visuals for Beabadoobee’s If You Want To will almost want to make you experience her insomnia. London-based singer Beabadoobee, aka Bea Kristi, shares the visuals for If You Want To, lifted from her recently released EP Patched Up. Born in Manila and raised in London, Bea has managed

Nilufer Yanya 2019

NILÜFER YANYA Shares New Video for ‘Baby Blu’

Wandering all over Tokyo, get a taste of adrenaline in Nilüfer Yanya’s latest video for Baby Blu. Upcoming star Nilüfer Yanya may be London-based normally, but that’s certainly not the case in her newest video, which sees her serenading us all the way from Tokyo. Lifted off her debut album Miss Universe released earlier this year, Baby Blu’s


JOHAN Shares Nostalgic New Single ‘Fifteen’

Do you ever wish you could turn back time to when you were younger? You’re not alone in the feeling – Johan muses upon this in his newest single Fifteen. The backstory to Johan is definitely one worth telling, even if his stunning music can speak for itself.


WILDES Unveils Encapsulating New Single ‘Circles’

Honesty has never sounded so gorgeous and breathtaking as WILDES’ newest track Circles. London-based WILDES is sure to gently cradle your feelings in her palms with latest single Circles. With an expansive soundscape to match the delicacy of her vocals, the exquisite beauty of the track will simply

Phoebe Green 2019

Artist Of The Week // PHOEBE GREEN

Having just finished her first UK wide run supporting Sundara Karma, Phoebe Green’s music strikes in its ability to tackle heartfelt topics whilst maintaining an infectious indie-pop edge. Manchester-based Phoebe Green shared her debut studio release Dreaming Of a mere few weeks ago, and has just hopped off

Woes 2019

WOES Unveil New Track ‘Suburbs’

Serving up that pop-punk goodness, you won’t be able to get enough of the newest track from Woes. Scottish pop-punkers Woes return with their newest track Suburbs, and it’s a blistering cut full of the catchy melodies and high-energy we’ve come to expect from pop-punk. The first new

Sheafs 2019

SHEAFS Share Caustic New Single ‘Get Used To It’

Dripping with attitude and swaggering confidence, SHEAFS’ newest single Get Used To It definitely makes a statement. There’s no holding back in the newest single from Sheffield rockers SHEAFS. Following the quintet’s previous demos This Is Not A Protest and Shock Machine, Get Used To It is the first new material from