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Dava 2020

DAVA Gets Honest With New Single ‘Papercut’

Turning towards a more somber, poignant sound, Dava lets down her walls and shares some of her vulnerabilities in tender new single Papercut. Sharing a part of yourself that you’ve previously kept hidden away is never an easy feat, yet the subtle delicacy which Dava

The Dumes 2020

THE DUMES Electrify With New Single ‘Neverlost’

With an urgent, cutting-throat energy, Neverlost is a fine example of the explosiveness that can be created when you have enough pent up energy. Los Angeles based quintet The Dumes are not alone in experiencing frustration and anger, and they channel these collective, relatable feelings

STIIR 2020

Band Of The Week // STIIR

With a dreamy, summery soundscape, get lost in the dulcet tones of STIIR in their latest single Could Be Better. North London trio STIIR faced many of the same setbacks that challenged much of the music industry over lockdown, including the inability to work together

Movements_NoGoodLeftToGive 2020

Album Review // MOVEMENTS ‘No Good Left To Give’

Whirling through a torrent of deeply intimate experiences, No Good Left To Give sees Movements stripped down to their bare bones as a band. Californian quartet Movements find their feet in their heartbreakingly honest, thought-provoking and musing sophomore album No Good Left To Give. Delving

DD Walker 2020

DD WALKER Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Like You’

As the last sunshine of summer shine their rays, DD Walker’s newest single Like You is the perfect send-off. New York-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and mixer DD Walker helps us to prepare a sweet send-off to long summer nights and days in the sun with his