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Tycho Jones 2020

TYCHO JONES Gets Real in New Single ‘Serotonin’

Opening up about the thoughts that dominate his head, Tycho Jones gives listeners a glimpse into his life in his latest single Serotonin. Who remembers the days of being 18? There’s a certain mindset and shifts in thinking that accompany the transition into adulthood, and


Artist Of The Week // NIA WYN

Baring her thoughts and feelings on her debut EP Love I Can’t Ruin, Nia Wyn shows that she is fully ready to take the UK music scene in her stride. Growing up in North Wales, Nia Wyn’s upbringing doesn’t exactly make her the most typical


BAD CHILD Presents His Newest Project ‘I’

Coming in the form of dual singles, I is the first instalment of a series of new releases due over the course of the year. Canadian multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter BAD CHILD has been on our radars since he released his debut EP Sign Up


GRIFF Strips Back for ‘Good Stuff’

Heart-rending and tender, Griff unleashes a whole host of emotions with her powerful new single Good Stuff. At just 18-years-old, Griff has already managed to completely capture our hearts with her musical prowess, displaying a musical maturity far beyond her years. Opening up about her

Grey Daze 2020

GREY DAZE Announce New Album ‘Amends’

Unbelievably poignant, the sound of Chester Bennington is still as recognisable as ever and brings a particularly bittersweet shade to the newest single from his previous band Grey Daze. There is no doubt that the untimely passing of Chester Bennington struck the rock world at

The Used 2019

THE USED Announce New Album ‘Heartwork’

Sharing a grandiose, epic video for new single Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton, the band shows that they’re ready to push the boundaries and kick up the creative notch in their newest album. There’s always something incredibly exciting when a band manages to

Max Rad 2020

Artist Of The Week // MAX RAD

Digging deep into personal sentiments and bittersweet nostalgia, MAX RAD demonstrates his capability at transforming profound feelings into beautiful, heart-touching music. London-based artist MAX RAD shows the beauty that can arise when you channel deep pain into making profound, heartfelt music with his latest single