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Psyence 2020

PSYENCE Share Blistering New Single ‘Tusk’

If electrifying riffs and charges of adrenaline are what you’re after, then you need look no further than Tusk, the searing new single from Psyence. Alternative rock quintet Psyence deliver a rousing call-to-arms with their newest song Tusk, a track peppered with hammering riffs and

Josie Proto 2020

Artist Of The Week // JOSIE PROTO

Armed with an acoustic guitar and a charismatic attitude, Josie Proto sets out on a journey of gratitude with her latest single Thank You. British singer-songwriter Josie Proto presents a lovable, charming sound with folksy acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals tinged with innocence in her

Glass Animals Dreamland 2020

Album Review // GLASS ANIMALS ‘Dreamland’

Marrying surreal soundscapes with down-to-earth lyricism, Dreamland is a masterpiece in creativity that cements Glass Animals as one of the most exciting bands on the alternative scene. British quartet Glass Animals have had quite the journey with their third album; hot on the heels of

Colorama 2020

COLORAMA Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Reconciliation’

With laid-back beats and tropical vibes, Reconciliation is a visceral offering from Colorama that will transport you to a different realm. Psychedelic indie-rockers Colorama are back with Reconciliation, their third and final single to be lifted from their newest album Chaos Wonderland which was released

Thousand Below 2020

THOUSAND BELOW Announce Acoustic New EP ‘let go of your love’

Unveiling a brand new title track and reworking previous material into acoustic versions, Thousand Below’s newest EP let go of your love will bring both familiarity and excited anticipation. Although post-hardcore band Thousand Below are not typically associated with tear-jerking, heart-rendering acoustic music, that perception