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Honeyboys 2021

Band Of The Week // HONEYBOYS

Californian quartet Honeyboys return with their charming new single One Another, the second single to be lifted from their upcoming debut EP. Blending feel-good vibes with swathes of lush synths, One Another is a hug in musical form as it envelopes around you with comforting

Devan 2021

DEVAN Unveils Tender New Single ‘Conclusions’

Sharing her debut solo EP with the world, Conclusions is the poignant finale from Devan to this exciting first chapter. Toronto-born, London-raised musician Devan looks to further her mark this year as she shares her debut EP, Pink Noise. Drawing upon her own uncertainties and

Bad Child 2021

Interview // BAD CHILD

“If there’s anything I believe in, it’s myself,” says BAD CHILD as we chat with him about his long-awaited debut album Free Trial and how it took shape from when he first started writing it as an adult. Five years is a long time to

Indy Dang 2021

INDY DANG Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Hibernation’

Experience blissful bedroom-pop at its finest with Indy Dang’s latest single, Hibernation. Californian musician Indy Dang unveils lead single Hibernation, lifted from his sophomore EP Winter. Charming with woozy guitars and irresistibly luring vocals, it’s a delectable slice of bedroom pop that draws out the

Wallice 2021

Artist Of The Week // WALLICE

Musing upon growing pains in her newest single 23, Wallice shows herself to be a relatable voice for the generation of today. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Wallice shows herself to be a relatable voice in a world of polished social media accounts and seemingly flawless profiles,