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‘All the things I want I really shouldn’t get’

Today’s post meant to be on totally different topic and about totally different band. But no. I just had to get a friendly email from Years and Years about unveiled a new video, didn’t I? Of course, I did.

I remember me saying in January that this band was going to be my favourite this year. They were named number 1 of BBC Sound of 2015, they had extremely big success with their EPs, they got number 1 hit with the song King, plus they already experienced the world tour. Ahead of them Glastonbury, Latitude, Reading and Leeds this festival summer season. So as you can see – no biggie.

I’m pretty sure their forthcoming debut album Communion will be way much more than I expect. And let me tell you something – I have very, very big expectations.


Apart from my vast admiration for that London trio I must admit that I had doubted them in the past. The reason behind it is actually very simple. For almost my entire lifetime I’ve been listened to rock and very often I find difficulties when it comes to electronic music. Mainly because you can never be sure if the lead singer can actually sing or it’s the beauty of the auto-tune. But I had pleasure to attend Years and Years gig in Heaven in London a couple of months ago and since then I’ve been in love.

Anyway, I could be talking and writing and talking and writing about them so now it might be the best moment to stop.

Communion is to be released on 10th July so make sure you’ll get it!


But now check the new video for the track Foundation described by the frontman Olly himself as expansion on the eerie and hypnotic feel of the song with the drama of ritualistic practice, audience and voyeurism.