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kidgloves - just friends

KIDGLOVES Releases Indie-Pop Anthem ‘just friends’

Through captivating lyricism and soothing vocals, kidgloves effortlessly captures the emotional whirlwind you can be caught up in, when it comes to being friend-zoned by someone you were once in love with. kidgloves is a project created by producer and songwriter Cody Aledia. After moving

The Sewing Club 2021

THE SEWING CLUB Unveil Sincere New Single ‘Trying’

Trying is a blend of blissful Clairo-esque vocals, gorgeous guitar riffs and grippingly authentic lyricism. Tennessee-based band The Sewing Club harness elements of indie rock and dream pop in their stunning second release. Penned by lead singer Hannah McElroy after her struggle to adapt with

Issey Cross 2021

ISSEY CROSS Releases Debut EP ‘Mirrors Don’t Lie’

Issey Cross takes you on a ride with incredible new track Funfair. Blurring the lines between bedroom pop, R&B and hip-hop, Issey Cross captivates your undivided attention with Funfair, the fourth track on her striking, self-reflective new EP Mirrors Don’t Lie. After moving to London

Hunter Falls

HUNTER FALLS Releases Healing Anthem ‘Ain’t No Love’

Belgian singer-songwriter Hunter Falls manages the unmanageable by admirably creating an uplifting song about heartache and failed relationships. Ain’t No Love is a refreshing pop track inspired by the emotions you feel when the person you are dating cannot be trusted. A heartbreak love-anthem, this

Black Honey Written & Directed

Album Review // BLACK HONEY ‘Written & Directed’

An invitation to a hypnotic and cinematically vibrant universe, Black Honey’s sophomore album Written & Directed awaits your curious ears. Three years after their self-titled debut album, Brighton-based four-piece Black Honey have released their mesmerising new album Written & Directed. This latest project strives to

Yonaka 2021

YONAKA Prove They Are Far From ‘Ordinary’ With Their New Single

Brighton-based rock band YONAKA have dropped their electrifying self-produced single Ordinary, which boasts invigorating guitar riffs and intense drums, highlighting the impactful lyricism. Comprising of lead singer Theresa Jarvis, George Werbrouck-Edwards on guitar, bassist Alex Crosby and Robert Mason on drums, YONAKA met at Brighton

Tyne-James Organ 2021

TYNE-JAMES ORGAN Stuns With Addictive Anthem ‘Sunday Suit’

Australian singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ releases Sunday Suit, an electrifying indie number which sparks feelings of joy and the desire to dance around your bedroom. Born in Wollongong but currently based in Melbourne, Tyne-James Organ combines enthralling guitar melodies with attentive, thought-provoking lyricism in his most