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Within Temptation 2020

WITHIN TEMPTATION Share New Single ‘The Purge’

Symphonic metal living legends Within Temptation return with their newest larger-than-life masterpiece The Purge. Following the high expectations success of Entertain You, symphonic metal masters Within Temptation return with another spellbinding masterpiece The Purge. Pursuing liberation and chasing redemption, the band ventures on a retrospective

Skywalker 2020

SKYWALKER Release New Single ‘Every Grief’

Honouring their partnership with their new record label Pale Chord, Skywalker release the emotional roller coaster Every Grief. Czech metalists Skywalker embark on a solo journey towards liberation in their new song Every Grief, their first release after singing with Pale Chord. Diving into overwhelming

Erra 2020

ERRA Release New Single ‘House Of Glass’

ERRA are back with the brand new moshpit-instigating banger House Of Glass and you’re gonna love it. Wild, aggressive and thought-provoking ERRA return with their latest moshpit-instigating sonic avalanche House Of Glass. From the first decibels, the band pushed the pedal to the metal, unleashing

Jordan Red 2020

JORDAN RED Release New Single ‘Way Down’

Alternative rock up-and-coming legends Jordan Red are back with their fourth powerful tune Way Down. Pushing pedal to the metal from the first decibels, Jordan Red urge you to bravely live with purpose in their new tune Way Down. Embracing the classical alternative rock sound

Fights 2020

FIGHTS Release New Single ‘Incel Inside’

Unapologetically honest and funnily straightforward,  Fights’ Incel Inside will tell you all about the life of a supposedly socially impotent… incel. Oslo based punk quartet Fights return with a new single Incel Inside off their self-titled debut EP. With an wildly intoxicating and restlessly funny

Bad_Love PROMO 2020

BAD/LOVE Release Video for New Song ‘Social Suicide’

Angrily condemning the toxic popularity norms promoted by the media, Bad/Love’s new song Social Suicide will make you reconsider your values and aspirations. With wildly restless guitar riffs and unleashed, condescending vocals giving life to outraged, ironic lyrics, the tumultuous Social Suicide (feat. Ken from