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Interview // KATY J PEARSON

“I wanted to move on,” we sat down with Katy J Pearson – a timeless, western-pop artist who paved her own musical path by breaking through normalities and trusting a deeper self – to discuss her journey through her liberation of musical self-expression.  Katy J


Interview // SINEAD O’BRIEN

“I work really hard to be positive and to plow through the carnage of daily life,” we sat down with Sinead O’Brien to discuss her multifarious passions from fashion designer to punk-focused poet/musician in a world where dreaming big is frowned upon, Sinead makes it her purpose. 

Johnny Aries x GIG GOER

Interview // JOHNNY ARIES

“I feel like rock is part of my DNA,” we sat down with Johnny Aries to discuss his current musical work, his experience through a global rehabilitation and the expected rebirth to follow. With a reputation for surf-rock anthems, Johnny Aries, former band member/guitarist of

Phoebe Bridgers Punisher 2020

Album Review // PHOEBE BRIDGERS ‘Punisher’

On Punisher, the indie cult classic singer/songwriter demonstrates her talents of lyrical storytelling and eerie instrumental imagery to convey her anecdotal wisdom into a universal feeling.  The emo-folk, cult songwriter Phoebe Bridgers released her 2020 album, Punisher after three years of musical refinement where she

Griff 2020

GRIFF Unveils New Single ‘Forgive Myself’

Forgive Myself is yet another exciting sneak peek of the new face of British pop. The spiritually intimate, new track reverses the heartbreak narrative as Griff sings about the relationship you have with yourself: the doubts, insecurities, and questioning of your own self-worth. Forgive Myself

Troi Irons 2020

TROI IRONS Unveils New Single ‘Flowers’

Flowers is the journey of reflecting on a former partner through a sharp, pop-like style. LA-based Troi Irons attracts listeners through her husky, raw vocals and looping guitars in her new single, Flowers. Making genre-bending music of indie rock meets bedroom pop, Troi was encouraged