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The Live Lounge Month – week 3

Thank God, the third week of the Live Lounge was much better than the previous one. The beginning of it, at least. I’ve just been getting this weird feeling, though it’s not over yet, that the last year was greater and just bigger and totally wonderful. Anyway, let’s sum up.

This girl was fantastic. Frances delivered a beautiful version of her own song Let It Out and this brilliant cover of Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean making it sound so different and original. I must admit I’m very impressed and definitely gonna check her music.

Rhodes! Being on the list of my favourites for quite a while now and just proving himself again and again worthy of that taken place. This super talented musician just dropped the debut album Wishes last week so go and get it. If you like some smooth and chilled vibes with electric guitar riffs he might be your guy.

Ah! Outstanding! Extraordinary! Dazzling performance. You’re probably aware by now that I’ve got slightly obsessed with the Lawrence brothers. And although I’ve never been a huge fan of Sam Smith I must say his vocals have started growing on me. And oh! This cover is just one of the best out there right now. I’m totally hypnotized. And oh well, I feel like there’s no accurate words to describe my admiration for Disclosure you know. I just want to be friends with them. Yes, definitely we could be best friends!

Carly Rae Jepsen is currently proving she’s not the one-hit-artist. Her new album Emotion has been gathering very good reviews stating it to be a huge compilation of pop and dance music with impressive songwriting. Well, she loves Years & Years so I reckon I might at least give it a go and listen to this record.

Rudimental are great and I’m really looking forward to their sophomore album We the Generation but I can’t say many good things about this cover. Perhaps, because I didn’t like this song in the first place. I still think they’re fantastic though!

Charlie Puth. Nice lad but his cover song choices suck. One of the worst dance tracks at the moment. As boring as the original. But hey! You may like it!

BØRNS. So this is the guy behind the track that I’ve recently been listening to a lot – Electric Love. If you don’t know it yet, head and check it. It’s pretty decent pop-dance song and the music video for it is amazing. But again, the cover – just sad and dead.