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Interview // Simply, Just GET INUIT

“We are at the point where we need to be” Get Inuit on the past, the present and the future.

These guys are on fire!


Ok maybe not but getting there.

I caught up with Jamie Glass, the lead singer of the band Get Inuit, last week and despite very quick conversation and rather short music set I made up my mind about this band almost instantly. They’ll definitely land on the list of my favourites and I can’t wait to see what they’ve been hiding from us. There’s a lot to come. Of this I am pretty sure.


Get Inuit played a small show at The Social in London last week which was presented by Huw Stephens himself. So as you can see, pretty big deal. How cool is that?

Fantastic! Two years ago we were sending him demos and stuff like that and he was playing our songs on his Introducing show – Jamie says. It has progressed and it’s just so nice of him to support us like he does. It’s huge because you know, headlining his own line up it’s just fantastic. And he’s really nice guy. Like a cuddly teddy bear.

The four-piece from Kent dropped the new single My Oh My yesterday, which obviously is smashing, and it’s another perfect example of strong guitar riffs and distinctive sharp vocals. The lead singer made a few comments about it and you can stream the song below.

Annie Mac gave it exclusive spin on BBC Radio 1 this month which is huge for us. Fantastic way to start 2016. It’s kind of nice single for everyone to dance along to. But actually, it’s quite old song of ours. We just spiced it up a bit and it’s gone down really well. I’m very happy with it. As for the song, it is about one lady that I don’t meet any more. That’s all I can say. That’s enough. Use your imagination.

As they explain they make dirty pop music which is actually quite accurate statement. And although they’ve been a band for a short period of time (officially formed in 2014)  they’ve evolved substantially.

We are at the point where we need to be

Definitely, a lot has changed. When we started… I would write songs and then tell everyone what to do. Now we really work together as a band and there’s more depth to the songs, I think. Before, it was more like catchy pop, catchy pop, catchy pop whereas now we really are a group and we’re more interesting. The album is going be good. We’re at the point where we need to be.

This band has got almost everything. The recognizable sound, charismatic stage presence, great energy and unmissable wit. They just need bigger crowds.

And what caught my attention, they’re very comfortable playing all together. Besides Jamie (vocals/guitar), Get Inuit consists of Oliver Nunn (bass) and two brothers Rob (drums) and James Simpson (lead guitar). But it seems like they sorted all family issues out.

They more like a husband and wife. They’re just bickering all the time. But it’s because they love each other. They’d never say it but they do. It works out well because you have to go to only one house to pick them up.

But they do need to believe in themselves a little bit more. The lead singer in particular. When we started chatting Jamie was very uncertain about the performance saying it wasn’t that good etc. Luckily, after a while his attitude changed when he started to explain future plans.

We’ve got a tour coming up at the end of this month. We’re going all across the country which is very exciting. And we’re making an album to be out this year but I can’t give you a release date just yet. We were very lucky to get a grant from PRS to record it. So we’re gonna spend next month doing that. And it’s going to be good.

I am positive it will be exactly that. If not even better.

Catch Get Inuit on tour and see some photos of their show below!


24 Canterbury – Gulbenkian
25 Bournemouth – Anvil
26 Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
27 London – The Black Heart (free entry)
28 Leicester – Cookie
29 Derby – Victoria Inn
31 Glasgow – Broadcast


1 Newcastle – O2 Academy
2 Birmingham – Sunflower Lounge
3 Bristol – Exchange
4 Guildford – Boileroom