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Brighton’s metalcore outfit took to the Main Stage on the first day of Leeds Festival.

The first day at Leeds fest started with an impressive number of dedicated Muse fans sprinting to the front row of the Main Stage at 11 in the morning, where they chose to spend the whole day waiting for their idols.

We can only imagine how exhausting such an act of devotion must have been, so if those kids started dozing off under the afternoon sun, they certainly were woken up by Architects, whose loud breakdowns and Sam Carter’s [vocals] signature ‘bleghs’ could be heard from far corners of Bramham Park.

Metalcore band from Brighton opened their set with Nihilist, a song from their latest album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. A lot of Architects‘ lyrics criticise the modern society, and this track is no different, “I found God clutching a razor blade, / He said ‘Look at the fucking mess they’ve made. / They’d trade their hearts if they were made of gold, / But they’re as worthless as the souls they sold.”

Older hits such as These Colours Don’t Run and Naysayer were sure to start a few circle pits in the crowd with the lyrics: “I’m struggling to find any poetry in this, / Someone beat me to the line, ignorance is bliss. / So I guess I’ll just say it how it is / You had it all, you fucking pigs!”

Architects are known for being very political, so halfway through the set Sam Carter pointed out that “this year politically has been very interesting, and we made sure to support a man that we believe in…” followed by the iconic “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!” chant. “This song is called Downfall, and it goes out to Jeremy Corbyn,” continued Sam. “So cast your votes, watch them shed their skin. / Always out for blood, praying on the weak. / We can count on them to paint the future bleak, / But we’re still standing by whilst they bleed us dry.”

Of course, the band couldn’t finish their set without mentioning a very special person. “We couldn’t have done it without our friend and our brother Tom.” Tom Searle was the guitarist, founder of the band and author of the majority of songs. He died of cancer in August 2016, leaving the whole of last album as his legacy.

“This song is called Gone With The Wind. Sing it for Tom,” declared Sam as the crowd had gone very silent before exploding with applause in Tom’s honour.

Gone With The Wind is a very personal and very honest reflection on life as it’s coming to an end. “A sickness with no remedy, except the ones inside of me. / You ever wonder how deep you can sink into nothing at all? / Disintegrate. Annihilate me.”

Architects may have only played for 40 minutes, but it was a very emotional and certainly very loud 40 minutes. Heads were banged and tears were shed.

On February 3rd 2018 Architects are set to play their biggest headline show at Alexandra Palace in London. Support is coming from While She Sleeps and Counterparts. You don’t want to miss that.