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Live: BØRNS // Scala, London

Known for his iconic fashion choices and 90s infused feminine voice, Garrett Børns graces the stage of his sold out Scala show.

Looking and feeling as though he has just stepped out of a Velvet Goldmine film, his long wavy hair sets the audience’s screams off in the most piercing manner.

Beginning the set with Past Lives, a delicately sweet humming tune, we finally begin the introduction to this thematic artist. Deep and psych-pop beats explore the darker side of his indie pop music, with tone that could easily be included in the scoring of Stranger Things.

There is a definite lack of intimacy with the crowd, but do not mistaken for a lack of connection. Børns manages to attract the gaze of every set of eyes in the crowd as he slowly dances around the stage executing popular tracks, American Money, Dopamine and ending with the ultimate build up to Electric Love.

Photos: Isha Shah